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Inner Conflict

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i would appreciate it if horror indie devs werent so insecure about their product and spoiler the creatures in the thumbnails already all the time :/ tried to look past the pictures to get a true blind first look. impossible since its a huge gif right in the middle. dammit. theres a reason david szymanskis iron lung got to me, i didnt know what awaited me, no indication in any pictures on the storefront, mouth to mouth is how proper marketing should be made for these types of games. T_T or very vague cryptic images. one thing i always hate in any creaturefeature: showing the monster immediately and taking away any sense of fear from the shadows or the mystery what hunts you.  or as joel vargskelethor always says: if you make a alienmovie and show the alien, you failed at building suspense. :/ never. spoil. the. horror.

windows 10 alone requires 4gb of ram. nothing left for games. 

its now also on GOG. big thanks to the devs. gonna be a instabuy day one!

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"we wont update the prototype anymore", thats fine by me, but will you offer a full version latest patch after the years or months of the revenue window on steam is over? so i can buy it twice, once to support on steam and once to archive it with the version

i wish to buy this drm free on but it says demo. im confused as fuck. is the full version steam exclusive?

its worth 2 dollars, paypal isnt hard to do, theres no excuse :^) chat

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will have a special place in my heart, fantastic take on thief in 2.5D. perfect vibes to get in the mood for gloomwood. 10 bucks well deserved. can recommend whoever wants a decent shadow/light system and smack some guards purist style.

one can enjoy both. ready or not and this will both be my jams.