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Are you ever gonna make a full paid game one day? All of your games end too soon!

That was cute, I liked it a lot

Best update notes

>no option for friend having a threesome with his girlfriend + MCs girfriend

Almost a masterpiece

That was disappointing but hilarious. GG

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What are all the names of the endings? (so I can add them to my save)

Incredible game, such simple gameplay but absoulutely horrifiying atmosphere. Please make a sequel/DLC/something more in this world!

That would be good, the game is fun when you know what you're doing. Is there a place to see all the H-scenes outside of the game? I'm too lazy to play through multiple times, lol

this has such a cool atmosphere

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No offense but the tutorial for this game is horrible. You should make the player do the actions to learn what they actually do instead of dumping 6 boxes of text in hard to read font with no context for what they actually mean

Other than that I'm enjoying it. The obscured dialogue is a great idea