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it's nice to find something about a condition I deal with c: I'm gonna give it a look soon

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Hey, can I use a screen made by this for something I'm making? (non-commercial)

This is my favourite one so far.

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I'm pretty early in the game, but straight away I'll say that as soon as I realised that gliding on the mop is a toggle thing, not something you have to hold the button for, it became so much more fun

ok, I suffered a crash bug, I have a clip saved if anyone is interested in seeing it 

this game is appealing visually and in the writing, though I think the core gameplay loop doesn't appeal to me so much

I know the controls are intentional, but sadly I just couldn't get the hang of them sadly - I LOVED the dialogue and sprites that I saw, however - I'll either go back to this and see if it clicks with me in future, or I'll watch a playthrough because I really want to see where it goes c:

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see, I thought you had to play long notes for any until I encountered the eye

then i realised I didn't actually understand the game at all maybe

I still don't quite get it


Well, I survived 9 days on my first playthrough

this game has such a lovely atmosphere, and I really do want to try and play it more, I quite adore it

This wasn't really a game I could play for long, but it's really nice visually, I love the character sprites, plus it's a really fun game to just get into the zone with, and the music is amazing

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Oh man, I love this game, I've only just found the dev diaries

this game has a visual and writing style, and is generally just really fun. Two things that really stuck out to me are the failure screen and the red-eyes existing.

the wait for the takeoff was a great choice because it's so fucking tense though sometimes the wait between tries is annoying, I think it's worth it - one thing it could have is an indicator of where the transgressive passenger is, but this game exists as a great proof of concept, especially as one made in a month


... well, I just failed to deal with (SPOILER) for the first time, that really added to the stress lmao

but the stress is part of the fun!

alright, I've finished the game, man that was stressful but I'm so glad I played it