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Honestly had a blast playing this even though I'm not typically fond of shooters usually! Great game :D

I actually really enjoyed the mechanics and concept! I'm always a sucker for summoning demons!

Absolutely loved the concept as well as the small bits of humor in it! Well played!

A cruel but painfully real metaphor accompanied by the existentialistic typing of a struggling computer nerd. Absolutely loved it!

Absolutely loved the atmosphere! Can't believe I actually got startled at the end, the buildup was great!

I haven't seen this concept done before so I decided to check it out and I'm so glad I did! Got genuinely uneasy as it got progressively darker and I love all the subtlety in it, its something that a lot of horror is lacking and it kept me hooked

Absolutely loving the cute contrast to the absolute suspicious undertones

It appears to be a very simplistic game for a start but could use some changes in visual, audio, something that makes it look a little less generic to make it really pop out

On the more technical size the block appears to clip through itself anytime it hits the ground and at times just flies and rolls off an edge and the music is too short and the cut off is awkward

Other than that its a playable not too complex game

I really enjoyed some of the mechanics this game had, although it feels like certain events could've been spaced out more 

Oddly realistic and entertaining! Loved the secret ending too ;)

Played this a little while ago and I enjoyed the aesthetic! I thought the colors were nice and the cheap movement was reminiscent of actual tapes I've seen and I love the subtle horror. Very nice!