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I'll be honest, I'm DEFINITELY wanting for details.. I have a few theories but not much to back them up. So im left a liiiiitle confused, but that didnt make this any less fun!!!! oh i had a GREAT time, and i love the title screen change

unironically one of my favorite otomes of all time - I played it ages ago and I still to this day add it in my top recommendations

this was totally adorable!! (i love Russ) they got it wrong in the end, I'm a cancer but they thought aries! but tbf 've been told i'm the worst cancer to ever live lol

took me nearly 9 goes, i think, but finally got the chance to end it all peacefully. what a wonderful game!

I got this book with the BLM package - I didn't even know itch had books. but WOW. I ADORED this! Ree is a fantastic character! Larry a wonderful pest - the world was interesting, fleshed out (hah) with fascinating journal entries between chapters. I'd love to know more about Ree's life after the end of the book, if you ever intend on doing a sequel!

I just watched a playthrough of this on youtube (I'm too chicken to play horror games myself haha) I LOVE Kat as a character! She's spunky and a little mean and it's delightful. The sprites are beautiful, the details well done, the dialog funny and natural sounding. This is a fantastic game and I am REALLY looking forward to more!

Question about the voiced name feature. I have a name common enough that I wouldnt be surprised if it was included, but it's the like, 2nd most common spelling. Erika, instead of Erica. If the name is included in voiced names (nbd if not), will I have to stick to the "wrong" spelling (in my case) or will you make it usable for those with different spellings of common names, like Jon instead of John, and so on. 

Totally ok if not, I'm sure that's extra work, I'm just curious! Super looking forward to this game! The voiced names are a SUPER cool feature that I'm really looking forward to!

my boyfriend played it first and gave me the ok. Hes my tester for that sort of thing lol

Yeah I really enjoyed it too! It definitely reminded me of Gray Garden, glad I'm not the only one who picked up on the deep sea prisoner vibes. I bet Temmie's next game is gunna blow us out of the water!!

Hi! So there are some glitch effects, but nothing very serious I don't think. I'm epileptic and personally had no issues at all with the game, so you should be ok! 

I picked blue, and i love this cute lil game!! But my seaweed plant friend hates me. haha oww

Is this game still in the works? I'm aware you said it was on haitus but it's been around a year since the last confirmation so I was just curious if that was still the case.  I'm super interested in this game.