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Enjoyed the writing, especially the signs!

Got stuck at the place where the person wants a map for the orb. Couldn't find a map anywhere.

Nice concept. Very apt for the jam theme!

Music is great too.

Fair enough! lol.

Would the multiplayer be like a race to the mask or will it involve some form of combat? I think a mix of race + combat might be very interesting. So whoever gets to the mask first wins, but you can hamper each other somehow while getting there.

Nice! I look forward to more of your creations.

This is amazing! How did you manage to make the trail of the spells curve so smoothly?

Nice idea! Having to sacrifice every 4th box adds to the yummy chaos. I managed to get 5 foxes before the time ran out. 

I'm curious, did you try an alternate control scheme where you use a different button to delete boxes? Maybe right mouse button? I feel like that might give the player a little more control.

The concept is great! Looking forward to playing some puzzles.

I just have one suggestion - perhaps you could pause the physics in the background when player opens the color selection wheel.  This would allow for some cool mechanics like jumping up through a platform and then switching color to land on it.

Very cool! It was tough but I finally managed to get to the mask. I especially like how you show the mask at the start. The physics seemed a little off though. The turrets were shooting at me through walls.

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the kind words!

Thank you!

This is amazing! The visuals, the sounds all great.

The design is my favorite though. The whole idea of 9 lives of cats and different types of cats leaving behind different platforms on death makes me wish I had come up with it.

Cool concept! I especially liked the cute and scary enemies.

It was a bit too hard for me though. I kept dying to the wrong enemy as soon as I enter a room. Maybe if the enemies were not too close to the door, I might be able to fight them.

Nice and relaxing game with great music!

Thank You!

Thank You!