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Maxed out my ship! :)

Here is where I sourced game dev assets or learned how to develop my game.

Core Gameplay Mechanics: Pandemonium

Music: sonatina

Typewriter Effect: Nick Hwang

Scene Changer: morebblakeyyy

2D Pixel Background: PatioKR

Added jumping animations and mechanic

Perfect for a game I'm prototyping. Thank you!

These are great! Thank you


yes it is a kuviman game

Game puts you in this meditative fishing trance. I want more.

On a play through the game ran without any hiccups. I liked what was being visually communicated to the player. I checked my settings but there wasn't audio so I cannot comment on that. The game is very intriguing, the backstory in your description left me very interested in what is going to unfold. However not being a puzzle player I was left very confused how to progress the puzzle. I could move my character around and collect items but I wasn't sure how to help him solve the puzzle using them. 

This is awesome!

You're so welcome! I'd be happy to try out future iterations. :)

Fun game. Very well made it didn't have any errors or bugs in my playthrough. 

A suggestion would be to allow the player to re-click the plot when they have already selected the seed. Going back and forth strained my wrist a little. 

Also knowing how to "optimize" the crops/score would have been nice to know. It wasn't clear if the goal was to get money or keep planting crops. 


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I played the first level and the game runs incredibly well. I love the RTS elements.

the controls don't seem to work for me. or maybe I don't understand how to control the ghost...

Tested Windows build

  • Full screen
  • Different resolutions

Still renders the Japanese IME Keyboard at the bottom left of the screen...

this is my first comment.

test column
test row

WebGL japanese IME text support to come... one day