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Loved this game !

fun game.

What an amazing game !! Thanks a lot for making this.

What engine did you guys use ? The gameplay is surprising smooth on the web player. I love it.

This game is beautiful and gorgeous! The puzzles are simple but fun nonetheless and I love the concept of Urja. However, maybe it's just me but the 'speed' of the game seemed too slow. And I don't mean the overall pace. The character could have used a sprint/run ability early on in the game. 

Shaya walks too slow and exploring the village feels like a tedious task rather than a fun exploration quest. But the visuals do make up for it and the game does get better as I progress.
Overall , it's an amazing game and you guys could definitely make a paid product , had it been a little longer, a bit more challenging. (and if Shaya could run faster... but that's just me)

I love the concept and the idea !

The controls are somewhat clunky and don't feel smooth. The last level also seems bugged (I like that the music was reversed along with the entire level) . I won by doing nothing and moving a bit to the left and right. (Idk, might have collided with something, it was too quick for me to notice)

I like the idea. Kind of like VVVVVV but with a light hearted theme.

The movement is clunky and too slow maybe so that could certainly use improvements with that. Jumps feel kind of floaty (they could be perhaps a tad bit faster ?). Overall, nice concept. Could be slightly more fast paced.