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Cool, I would love to try the Hybrid Presence system you showed off about 4 weeks ago on Youtube :)

Hi, firstly I wanted to say you are awesome! Your passion for VR is clear from your videos / content. Thanks to you we all get to share in these amazing experiences you have created.

I have a few questions..

1) Will you be combining this with your new Presence system for upcoming tech demos? .. or just a Presence demo will be great :) If so, a third test chamber for 'Parkour' would be amazing - climbing and swinging around would be wicked good ;)

2) The enemies in this aren't so satisfying to beat up - they feel kinda 'floaty' yet dense, like they are made from metal. Any plans to update with better ones? What kind of enemies do you plan for your SLAYR FPS?

3) Is it possible to add gun holsters - One handed weapons can go down on the sides and a two handed weapon (AR or Katana) can go on the back - accessible by reaching over your back like in Robo Recall.

A lot of questions I know - I have a load more but will try to hold those in :)