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This was a fun entry to round off the readalong on (I read the updated version). An interesting take and twist on the premise, well-written, and overall very enjoyable. Well done! <3

Awwww. You flipped it, and did it well. Congrats!

Took me a while to get back to the readalong after moving, but this is an interesting one. <3

You do some fun things with structure, and I also like the cameos you snuck in.

Short and unique. Nicely done! <3

I'm a day late on the readalong but: You did a great job, and it was a fun one to read through. ^_^

Well done, Ash. A fun little LN and an excellent submission. <3

Short, sweet, and extremely cute. Nicely done. <3

Heehee. This is a cute one.

Nice one!

This is adorable.

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Awwww. This was cute to read. Fairly long as submissions go based on the ones I've read so far, and I love everything you managed to work in.

Firstly as I get around to commenting on my belated catch-up to the read-along: congratulations on managing a submission less than 2 minutes before the deadline. Secondly: Well done on another cute story. ^_^

Heeheeheehee. Short and sweet. Also for a submission started at 1AM you did a good job, even with editing afterwards <3

This takes quite a different take on the prompt from most of the entries, and does it really well. :)

A fun story, and I enjoyed reading it. It'd be nice to have a desktop-formatted PDF as an option, but that's only minor. Well done on an interesting and enjoyable submission.

One of the cutest short works I've read for the jam thus far. ^_^

I just went through this for the June readalong. Well done! It's a great bit of work, and really, really sweet. <3

A cute little story, written well. Well done! :)

I really enjoyed this. Like Caelyn I wish it were a little longer, and it could maybe do with a little typesetting to make it visually flow more easily (it's early morning here, so I'm reading while sleepy), but an excellent entry that deserves some attention. Well done. <3

An interesting and more fantasy-oriented take on the jam concept. Well-written, and fun to read through. :)

People who know me on discord will know that I had an idea right at the start, a plan to manage my submission in the last two weeks...and them my Real Life went very, very bad. It definitely affected the story a bit, and I ended up writing through the night to complete my 9-page story in time. It was good fun though, and I'm hoping it'll make getting back to my badly-overdue thesis a bit easier.