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It's not really a matter of fps, my system is more than capable to run. gtx1080 6gb nd an 8700k intel with 32gb of 3200 ram. Levels are broken in a sense that there's invisible platforms in places where they shouldn't be. Either that or double jump just doesn't work on some platforms and certain inputs. I can't move on from the "boss" stages on each level because of that. Also selected character decides to freeze every once in a while and starts moving again only after some damage is taken. I've played previous builds and never had these issues. Is the function to speak with the ych npc's not yet available in 0.6.9? Bc that doesn't work for me as well

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version is completely broken. can't proceed to other part of levels without restarting.  did jasonafex/team upload a broken build or is this just how the game's turning out? lol. wonder what the good people of patreon have to say about this mess