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A member registered Jun 06, 2020

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very cool game so far. The atmosphere is incredible, the sound design is top tier, and the environments are amazing. Loved the easter egg, and the second episode can't come soon enough!

I did experience a weird bug with the first cart that gives you an item. My frame rate got super low as I entered the room before you drop down into the area where you call the cart, so P saved and quit right after I hit the button. This caused the cart not to show the inventory and I couldn't grab the item when I loaded my save. Caused me to go on a wild detour looking for the item I needed. I decided to start a new file and everything worked fine after that. Just letting you know about an extreme outlier thing I encountered, but still an awesome game from a solo dev.

can't wait for more!

Really cool use of sprites to get the water looking natural. I really hope too see a full version, or maybe even a randomizer someday. I had a ton of fun playing this, but I want to know about the frogs...