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Thanks for the gameplay, I did not expect someone to find my game so quickly.
btw the game is far from complete. At the moment there is no "real" exit
this game is still in pre-alpha alpha mode.

thanks for playin

yeah that is why I stopped playing

I dint know Mexico has zombies

is there a discord




do you guys have discord

hey here's my first impression after 20 min even tho I dint get far. i might do a better review once i finished the game,

i really like this i hope you keep working on it. for the sake of this review ill assume your still working on it

i like it, its sometimes rally scary, the first scare moments i had in my first 20 min was when i first came in contact with the big shark/fish creatures, i was just swimming randomly not suspecting a thing  and when i looked behind me a giant fish was right on my tail, i think its moment like that which can push this game forward

there are some stuff that i think needs to be fixed in order to makes this a better experience, first off the first the first 5 mins aren't very interesting, i suggest maybe rebalancing some stuff like make it so you start off with more oxygen, also i read that you said that if a person is grinding for a long time there prop doing something wrong, so maybe i am just bad? but rebalancing some things like upgrades and value of items could be good too

then there the radar/ sonar that you can get for 50 bucks, i personally feel like it would be good if it had a timer that would make it go off every 5-10 sec or a key that you press to activate it cause i feel like sometimes it ruins the creepy vibe but maybe that just me

things i would like to be added
so the game in a way is scary and i like that, but i think it would also be cooler if lets say you where swimming randomly trough the ocean, and all of a sudden you hear a load sound, like a groan or something, this can give the player the idea that there a something bigger out there but is not sure of it, also adding more ambiance when it comes to sound could be good 

i agree but hopefully the developer will change it,

i like the new animals, and i think we really needed the performance updates
9.9/10 update


the level design can be work on, the enemy's are :/


something for everyone 

thank you for making this game, 

i like this


wat u mean

i have a idea 

i think the villager upgrade is not useful because u wont really need it

some maybe u could combine the woodworking and mining and villager upgrade into one upgrade to make it more useful

hey i just want to say i think units takes too much food over time and it ruins fun to build up a army

yea i have max but still feels slow 


thank u 

yea i still think technologies takes too long to research it just feels boring. i feel like u need to cut the time in half at least 

i just want to say also, i am not a casual Gamer, i like competitive games like csgo and AOE II but i understand if  competitive is not wat u are going for

sorry for my spelling 

hey here are  some suggestions  

i think the upgrade time takes too long: it make matches boring and long

all units feel the same: every unit feels like a upgraded version of the last 

here are my ideas

if u wanna make a good AI try making a self learning AI and put different version of it in the game so that it feels like your going up ageist something fair 

thank u good job q:

hey just to  know 

will the game always be free or will you have to buy it in the future, 

will their be a healing unit,

will make maps for the game or always randomized, because i thick it will be better to have official maps

also here something i been thinking 

if you add siege equipment; it will be more interesting if you had to manually fire the siege equipment like a ability of some sort 

also i can do pixel art and  canda voice act if you need help

hey i just wondering for interest, will there be tournaments when the game comes out 

i am terribly sorry but i will have to agree with Battleschnodder but i understand if thats not what your going with for on this game if i may pls i will like to know your plans for this game.

 thank you i meant no harm

yes this was v0.5.6 i will try to replicate the bug on my side maybe sent you photo/video

i got a bug on the game 

i put down two building next to each other but a worker was in between them when i place them down too be build and got stuck.

then all the units stop moving and non of my command's work on the units and buildings

no just a Little Fan Horror game for game jacksepticeye it my firts game realy

thank you

hey guys i have been a fan for a long time. so keep up the work

here are some of my ideas for the game

1. different Faction: their are not a big variety in the game so more Faction can be better with their own perk. like maybe  a Blue faction that have +25% Farming speed and a Red Faction  with + 30% Damage on Unit's and a Yellow Faction with +20% Build speed for example

2. it takes way too long to kill units. maybe lower health/ increase Damage 

3. it way too easy to get technology points 

thank you very much, i am also working on a game