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Made a video on this cute game~

Loved this game, though the ingredients were weird to say the least

Thanks so much for the wonderful comment, and yeah, that was mostly a summary of what I thought while playing the game. 

And also well, I look forward to playing more games from you in the future!

Really interesting, I like how you can't really see the person and have to base off their answers to determine if they're an Alter or not 

oh that's nice

Aw I love MORRIS~ <3

This game is nice with a side of small horror elements and a normal quiz huh~? (3rd game in my video)

I loved this game, and it's really funny, so kudos (it's the 2nd game featured)

Really nice and relaxing puzzle game so I featured it in my 3 random game video (it's the first game)

A really enjoyable puzzle game, I really liked that the painting was used as a puzzle for this (and I added free background music), overall I loved the concept of it as a whole.

I'm guessing cause it's been a long time since she's communicated with her best friend (account was on/off)

really cool game :) I enjoyed playing it

Really great game , I loved it

Liked this game, it was fun trying to figure out the names of the demons :) Anyways, Demonology 101 is the first game in my 3 random games video.

Loved the game, though I accidentally mispelled the name as Connection Loss in my video.

I liked the puzzle element of it and Connection Loss is the 3rd game in my 3 random itch,io games video

I played your game in my 3 random game video. Tree is the 2nd game in the video. The art style is adorable and I love it a lot :) 

Oh also it was a tad bit creepy to me that the tree had a face, but other than that it was pretty cute overall (other than the animals getting infected ofc). Really good game and I would like to see more of these types of games from you in the future.

This game is really cute :3 Also it's really educational as well so

This game looks fun, I'll try it out when I have some time

I like this game a lot, here's my playthrough on it

this is a really cute game and the puzzles were pretty good

This game is really nice to play through

This game is awesome, I mostly came here after I saw Kubzscouts play it and I enjoyed the art style and gameplay so far. Here's my video on the latest song that I tried, which was Side Chain Fever, and I had fun, though I didn't full clear it. Merry Christmas to everyone :)

This is a really good game, I played it on Halloween and finished my video, I really loved the fog and rain sound effects, it created this atmosphere that was increased by how good the visuals and the style looked.  

Great game, I constantly come back to play this, and well here's my playthrough of it, and also me narrating it. I don't usually narrate so yea, i also played this for  Halloween~

Made a Youtube video playing this cute game~ Really loved the art style of this, it's so cute!

this game and story is so cute 

Oh, thanks for explaining, I was confused about why the ending was like that, and your explanation cleared it up.

this is a very heartwarming game, keep up the good work

This game is really scary, mostly cause I've been randomly invited to group chats like this before, very creepy vibes.

I do love the immersion, it really felt that I was Amy at that moment, when the "classmates" all said weird stuff in the chat room, I felt a sense of dread when they mentioned that they knew Amy's location.

Really nice game, I made it to level 6, and I killed 158 on my first attempt at this so yea, very nice visuals as well :)

this is a very good game

Pretty good game, loved the twist at the end, these are my thoughts on it.

I do have a few questions though, what happened to the uncle, and what happened to us after we open it? Do we just send the box to a new person? 

Yea, I had a lot of fun with this game, plus Autumn is one of my favourite seasons so yea

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This is an adorable game, I liked mixing the ingredients, oh and I reached 18 reviews on Day 5, once I realized what the savory food was, and also is there an achievement for getting all the things in the fishing minigame?

pretty fun game, I really liked it

Ah np, glad I could help :)

Of course I will play this game again, it's really nice

Ah np, well I added less comments than I usually would, so yea, that's a bit lacking on my part, and well, I find that it's best to acknowledge the wonderful people who worked on this game, I would usually read the credits, unlesss the credits are in cursive, which is difficult for me to read

This is a really cute game, though I only collected up till 53 cats this time round, I'll get all 101 cats next time :)

This is my playthrough of Writer's Block Deblock