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Hey, sorry for that! Can you give us more information about your computer?

Yay, we hope you liked the plot twist :D

Thank you! We hope that you had fun playing our game :)

Hey, thank you for this awesome feedback, we’re really happy that you liked our game! We are actually thinking about a way to continue the story somehow, maybe it will happen one day!

Thank you very much! :D

Nope, the deadline is still the same! However, we are going to allow “late submissions”, a couple of devs asked for this and we want to give everyone a chance to submit their work! Also, this jam is all about having fun making a game!

Very fun game (and hard too!), can’t wait for your next game! :)

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot!

We want to keep the rules flexible as much as possible, but the “main” requirement is to make a game beatable within the 2 minutes time frame. Maybe try to add a little something that will “force” the player to move on instead of “doing nothing”?

We discuss this topic on Discord today and the consensus was that the gameplay must be within the 2-minute timeframe, so you can have a small amount of cutscenes before or after, but keep it minimal though!

Hey! Thanks for your submission, but you should add preview images to showcase your game :)

You should ask this directly to the author of the story :)

You can use whatever you want :)

Can't wait to see the result!