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We have randomly selected the winner of the prize here! We will reach out directly to send the prize. 

Watch the drawing here:

Our first game jam for making content ended today. You can check out the submissions here:

We knew we'd get some interesting submissions and we were not disappointed 🎃

Thank you ALL for participating. We will announce soon how we will select the winner so stay tuned. That's incoming :)

I added a jpeg saved in the single page size on the main page. Or here:

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Not familiar with Vast Grimm but you know how to make content for MÖRK BORG?

Vast Grimm was built using the MB system, so you can create all sorts of great stuff for this horrific sci-fi setting just as easily! Calamities involving space würms have every galaxy, planet, and moon going post-apocalyptic (or near it) because of infectious alien würms. THEY turn their hosts into the hive-minded Grimm who are working to consume the universe. It should have the same dark, horror vibes as MÖRK BORG but in space with neon pinks, blues and punk-rock overtones. And with a lot more grotesque slime! 

Vast Grimm was recently crowd-funded on Gamefound for printed copies of the book (not yet available). The digital PDF of the game is already out.

Thank you! So glad it's just what you wanted. We have a long list of things we want to create for Vast Grimm.. There is also a 3rd party license, so we hope there will be a lot of community-created content as well.