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great game! expand more tho

That's amazing not only for you but for all Unity developers! Cant wait :)

So I tried it and unfortunately, it doesn't work. I did some research and found out the .apk files aren't supported on chromebook right now. Thank you for trying tho!

im on web version with chromebook right now, and what I did to fix the performance issue is lower the resolution at least below 90%, put textures at very low, and anti-aliasting off. It should help!

good update m8, cant wait for UZG2 muliplayer

Will there be depth to the game such as  a level system, attachments, camos, etc. ??

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This game + multiplayer mode = awesome

(seriously tho if this game has multiplayer w/ attatchments and a level system it would be *chefs kiss*) (multiplayer browser version)

I fell through the crawling section. (im on the browser version btw)

Hello devs!

Not sure why its doing this but whenever i load the game it gives me this error message

One suggestion i have is the ability to have a weapon attatchment rank system

Okay, the movement is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I know for a fact if you develop a browser fps game integrated with this movement, it will become one of if not, the best browser fps game ever. Think about it please!