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Why can't I put a screenshot here :(

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I GOT 2:57 (yay 2:56 now)

no idea how lol

Well my best time is currently 4:14, I've got some problems with reflecting certain attacks, other than that congratulations on your time cuz you're probably record holder right now :)

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Oh I didn't know that! Thanks, I will check that for sure!

We need a little sneak-peek :)
How many bosses can we face once the full version is released? :>

This game really can greatly challenge Undertale or Hollow Knight, we just need the full version. Hai yo and Anuke, remember, if you need it, take your time :). We want Infernae to be developed as good as possible when it comes out, so keep in mind that we can wait as long as you need us to :).

Oh that's some great news! Not like Lucine is easy, but she becomes a bit boring on her own. And I can guess that if you want us to wishlist Infernae on steam, that has to mean that we're really close. :)

Well you need to go around her and make use of reflection attack. She does 3 streams of bullets while doing her tornado attack, yoi have to around her and reflect whenever its necessary. It takes some time to master, and i think third phase is actually the biggest threat

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I just got 4:19


bro what are you talking about fourth stage is a pain in ass

Me when i have beaten 3 phase after 3 hours of playing: HOW THERE IS FOURTH ONE

Bro THERE IS fourth phase

If you reflect it while she's doing some sort of spread attack, screen will even freeze for a moment