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I've currently been triaging an issue on my local computer (Linux 5.19.0-23, Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic, OpenGL Version 4.6, Vulkan Version 1.1.73) where pausing the game with escape during the Chasm checkpoint hardlocks the game and sometimes my whole system. I cannot determine the precise sequence to cause it, but there seems to either be a time or position requirement. It happens in at least the first two rooms of Chasm, but the first room only after spending a certain amount of time in either the checkpoint or the whole level. Crossing the majority of the room by first getting to the top ledge then doing an extended hyper works and pausing either after the halfway point of the room (~0:02) or on the far ledge for the first room consistently crashes.  This crash does not appear to affect any other checkpoint in Forsaken City A-side, or any other A-side at all (I have not tested Chapter 1b, or levels past chapter 3, but no crash occurs at any point in start or crossing or in any part of chapter 2 or 3). 

In the case that the system hardfreezes (which I believe to caused by the game, possibly indirectly), no inputs at all cause the computer to respond and a forced shutdown is required. In the cases that the game freezes, it causes considerable lag and also prevents other processes from enumerating processes (preventing, among other things, htop or killall), it also seemed to ignore all attempts to terminate the program (including during shutdown when the window persisted past the Desktop Manager stopping, and possibly into when it should have recieved both SIGTERM and SIGKILL(???)).