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I like skeuomorphism interface you did!

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Bryce 7 is still sold as usual on daz3d website. It goes on sale with discount often. 

As much as you can dislike/hate daz3d themselfs (btw i think they gave up on nft stuff... idk... overall it looks like poser/daz market is struggling anyway), keep in mind that daz forum's bryce section is one of most welcoming and warm bryce-related places. Even if you just use bryce4 from archive or ebay or whatever, you can go there and ask questions in case you need help - those people are great. Especially David Brinnen and Horo, whom you might know for amazing tutorials on youtube.

Nice! I've dloaded new version, and now it seems to unzipping normally. Glad solution was reached.


What I mean, I was getting this error in both winrar and 7zip when extracting what i've downloaded from itch (i even redownloaded it several times to be sure it didnt get broken during dload). So, did you downloaded your game from itch  before testing on computers? 

One question though. When I unzip, it says bgm/5.wav is corrupted. Could you check that please?

Nice to see you revisited and updated the game! Initially I got it when it was 1.x version but  I didnt have time to play much, and now I come back and here is 2.0 instead! Cool... and, hey... Happy New Year!

в ффт что еще прикольно, юзается вертикальность, причем иногда весьма большая разница в elevation level

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но когда сюда пришел, тут какие-то "шахматы"  на скринах :D

удачи с разработкой)

thumbnail меня, как фана ФФТ, забайтил на клик.

Please fix.

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Also I just realized that shield mechanic you did is similar to original Shadow Tower game, nice.

Good to know you continue working on the engine! Though, please, don't sacrifice to much sleep. Health is important  for humans to continue existing :)

Yeah, it's very nice you documented all the movements, even though some of them I discovered during play, but others I didn't think about so what you written helped.

Thank you for checking out my project and kind words.
Sorry I'm currently in situation in which supporting creators isn't possible, but perhaps I'll at least be able to tell others about your projects.


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I just tried the game and would like to say that it is pretty cool with those additional movements (even if they take time to get used to for someone).

Is it something you did specifically for this project, or it's part of how you expand the engine?

Best wishes

my best friend... myachik.

Interesting gameplay here, and nice presentation!

What happened to page?

Fast paced and hard, but HIGH ENERGY! Very nice

Nice to know.

"Normal" version might be a bit too hardcore for me, but I've checked your videos to see "how it's done"  and it looks like your main intention is "route planning" approach when balancing gameplay.  

Oh, and I can definitely feel that you played plenty of classics :)

Played current demo. Liked it so far, it's very dynamic, and with great attention to details. Enjoyed much enemies patterns and how everything moves.

I would note, though. I missed powerup and then most of later time felt underpowered versus most "serious" enemies (that are not popcorn zako).

Your style is unusual. Interesting experience here.

This is very cool! Especially the music :)

Wow, this was awesome. Very EPIC, and your approach to narrative is very nice.

Boss could have more patterns, though.

Cute and unusual! With curious take on "cancelling"

To me, horizontal bullethell feels more difficult than vertical one.

This game is nice training for me in such case :) Thanks, pretty enjoyable.

Random weapons is tricky, but makes you consider different behaviour against the bosses.

Thank you

I'll see if i can install "Community Edition" of Unigine, then. 

By any chance, do you remember if it actually needs 50 gb on hdd? Like it says in requirements.

Good luck with your projects and best wishes!

Also wanted to ask. What perhaps were your inspirations? For artstyle.

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Ah, makes sense. But there were possibilities to make them? Asking cause also interested to try "community edition" of engine.

Game crashes with message about "connecting to SDK Browser".

Is this some "dev" version that is only playable with engine itself installed? 

Your friendly cube..i :)

This was pretty weird. Staircase is a bit too tight, and once i got to water floor, i couldn't go back X)

But video with song is nice.

Your "puzzle" is pretty interesting and well done, but as player i have some difficulties here, e.g. because there is no a pointer in center of screen, or cause objects are not "lighten up" to hint that you can interact with them.

Aslo, why no graphics settings except resolution? Like, i would disable HDR lighting cause it makes objects overbright etc.

This is cool! Though why no settings for graphics except resolution? i'm sure i'm under 30 fps if fullhd :D

But i like atmosphere here.

Very cool game, oldschool and challenging. Atmosphere and design are also top notch. Reminds me of "Magician Lord" in terms of brutality and otherworldity. Definitely underrated.