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shoot to shoot the gun

That is so true. It feels like an arcade game- easy rules, simple graphics, kind of addictive (but not soo much) and so much fun to play. I really wish Dani came back and updates this game soon. Some small changes and refining of the code and this would definitely be one of the most fun game ever made.

Sensei.. teach me

there's a level called f?


Sheesh that was just cringe of myself

Do you think increasing floors have anything to do with the difficulty or it's only the time that matters? I usually die out in floor 6 or 5 (because I usually explore all of the rooms even after finding the 'next-level' room) so couldn't really figure that out.

I know it's been 8 months so it's highly unlikely to remember it, but were you able to reach a very high floor number again and still remember the correlation between floors and difficulty?

wish i could reach very oh shit one day

they can dodge it using their bullets. bullets cancel out the effect of our bullets, regardless of what gun we have. we can also dodge their bullets by dashing into them. literally. counter-intuitive but works.

hahahaha ikr

best game ever



that's insane! great skills you've got

sometimes they do



haha white guys are kinda tough true

exactly! so well thought and yet so simple

bruh... how


Earned 93 coins from scratch... but at what cost....

this game is very interesting

wow, that was a wholesome experience

love the game

love this game

It's tough, but I just started...

Love the game!

nice game

Very epic game, loved it

It was really fun to play, and I really wish that you don't remove the save option

Else, this would become an absolute rage game.. And I play very bad already..

ey, there is no full screen, so i couldn't be fooled

but still, good thought

the thought the game will just get even harder than the part you're stuck at doesn't help.. hehe

imagine speedrunning this game
a true nightmare on its own.. goodness


This one is tough
But great game

This game is so awesome.. and addictive

I like it

it works for any colored box, for that matter

so, someone must have already found this and i apologise beforehand if credit goes to me instead of them

so, the second yellow box...

you can skip it if you spam up arrow

i don't think that was intentional ;)

I actually found the ending before i even found that red makes you go up

Epic game

First benbonk game I'm playing
And, it's epic!