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i like dogs!

Same for me. I was playing the game through the itch app, I saved and quit and when I came back later the continue button was no longer greyed out but did nothing. A real shame because I was enjoying it a lot but I don't want to have to repeat myself to get back to where I was.

Unity, judging by the text beneath the embed.

Good noods.

Really liked the game! But there were 2 technical problems I found: 1. Picking mushrooms was sometimes really finicky - I'd walk over to them, tap the interact button, try again from a few different angles and positions, try using the keyboard and mouse instead... and eventually it would just suddenly work, without me knowing what I'd done differently. Wasn't sure if it was being buggy or if the system for identifying when the player is standing over a mushroom is overly strict. 2. The sensitivity of the right gamepad stick, which controls the camera, seemed way too high for me (but I got used to it).