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Here's a glitch that I found:
Whenever you lose/win/draw a battle, there's a very brief window when it's fading to the preparation phase that when you click on the attainment list, the ritual that you're on will restart. 

I've lost a few rituals to this since I check the attainment list often after a battle :(

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There's an exploit on the "no-moving" levels:

If you have a spare movement indulgence, then you could move a unit to hold and back to the grid wherever you want, ruining basically the whole point of the level.

Edit: Spelling mistakes

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whenever i picked up the purple upgrade that lets you have 3 gold augments, the augments didn't show up in the augment tab. they visually didn't appear on the augments tab but on the effects tab, i saw it did make my lava pool bigger

edit: after awhile, nothing was still updating on the augments tab, but the effects and stats were still updated

what if sometimes when you defeat an enemy, they could drop a heart that you could pick up?

the turtles really thought they could revert cimate change

oh wait my mouse was unplugged and i didn't notice :>

oopsie daisie

this game is great! it would be nice to be able to click on enemies to select which one you can attack though :>

woo i suck at bullet hell games but was able to beat this one!!!

very awesome game 10/10!!!

holy cow.

I have written an explaination above :)

ok, spoilers below:

on lv8, ì you know how to type on old phones like nokias, then thats how that works. if you dont know, then search up how to type on those old phones bc im too lazy to explain.

if you want the answer, its emergency.

unfortunately, idk how to do lv9.

on lv10, the chemical formula is h2o. why? bc is written H to O (hjklmno).H2O is the chemical formula for water.

the answer is water.

on lv11, the lv number is 11 and you need it to be convinient. whats convinient and has an 11 in it? seven-eleven. so, the number that makes it convinient is 7.

type in 7 and you are done :)

there's a bug: every time you open your inventory, your ammo reloads to full

not yet ive been trying for 3 months :(

i do not have enough humans to sacrifice to the venus mantrap

yeah, if you go for a summon build, it's insanely strong

hey, maybe demi summoners shouldn't be able to summon another demi summoner...

these commentors brains are beyond beeg can go negative points

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unclear instructions: half of my deck (~50 cards) is spores and i only have 1 purge. please send help.

edit: update-i died due to too much zap and too little inoccent meat.

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fun fact, enemies only deal damage to you while they dash, so you could just run against the crowd and never take damage ;)

edit: remember to walk/dash against them right after they dash, so they won't have reaction time to dash at you after you've gone through them.

Great game! Tip: If you are sliding on ice, as long as you are still touching it, you can jump to the other direction to stop your momentum.

I am going to keep falling down to the 2nd floor now.

ahhh pls help me in lv 9

i did lv 8 first try in under 30s it makes me feel old :')

I've finished the level but it still wounded me...

level 9 world 2 just hurts...

ok, so play mochi's date once, then play it again. things will be diferrent a bit the second time

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u can still complete your quest without the note

i checked, it doesn't automatically clear them

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noo my loop 3 run of 4 woad 1 parra (71 spd w/ 2x leafspear & windslicer) and 1 hydrim is lost due to the savefile thing on browser still not really completed

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before hatching the eggs, keep going to nests and find the mon that you want, then when you have enough, hatch them

I've found another typo. in the item repulsor, every is spelled "ever".

theres a glitch

if you use the axe on a chest it'll crash



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Theres a typo. When evolving into Urso, in the ability Hookclaws, their is spelled "thier".

super secret sexy ending


no invis frame = get stuck in corner and die


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combine that w/ replicating spiders :)


just one ending

even this troll game knows its a hateful thing so when you rate it it says rate this horror


you can change its values ( speed, gravity, ect.) and make it the flash