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Thank you so much!

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The idea is that you could self-intersect if the segments of the snake are of different colors! Hope it helps.

Thanks for playing it!

Very glad to hear you liked it. Thanks for playing!

Awesome. Thanks!

Great lord! This is a good looking game.

Do you have a non-minimized version of the p8 to share for learning purposes?

Trippy, but awesome!

I’m a donut magnate because I broke the game by buying way too many of them 😂


So fun! Even though I played only a single-player mode. Great game!

Hey, this is a great mini-game! It is small, but well polished and has good graphics!

Nice one! I wish guards could actually kill the player.


The game is a bit crude, but I think the idea of combining “asteroid” with discs is great.

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Wow, this is quite a quality game. Loved to the bits. Thank you!

I don’t think I have ever encountered such one-button control approach before. Very original! The game is kind of harder than what I can play, though.

So minimalist and yet so hardcore. I’ve played for many rounds, but can’t hit the discs consistently. Perhaps, it can be made a bit easier?

Brilliant! This game is a visual treat and has an engaging learning curve. It really got me on “four walls” :)

The submission had to have either discs or rooms. This game has rooms.

I agree that the rules are vague, but it seems that it was an intention of the organizer to let in more games.

I like the idea, but don’t understand the challenge. Seems pretty easy to win and the strategy of spamming the discs works every time.

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Medieval discs! The looks and music are pretty hilarious. Adding revival into the mix is a great idea.

Beautiful (and bloody) approach to combo-building. Love it!

Nice idea! I wish there would be more way to develop my skills. The first level seems to be pretty hard.

Nice grooves! Pressing up+down is quite a challenge too :D

Could you take another look sometime? I’ve added extra music just for you, and fixed few other issues you encountered. All in all, it is almost a different game now!

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Hey! Thanks for a very detailed review!

I’ll look into controls and see if I can write few more music tracks :) Thank you for playing it!


Ooh, right. This makes sense now!

Unbelievably addictive and beautiful. I’ve been sliced so many times yet I want to play it more and more!​

Gorgeous graphics, music, and gameplay. The quality of this game shows that great work and care were put into it!

Thank you for kind words and a detailed review!

Thank you! 😊

Just wow! So simple and yet so funny. I loved the color change when hitting the opponents. (The start screen is absolutely a blast too!)

Lovely game! The procedurally generated aliens look stunning. I sincerely thought that they were hand-drawn until I read it in the description. If could I change anything it’d probably be the “follow” algorithm, so that the “friends” wouldn’t get in a way when I’m trying damaging “future friends” :)

That being said I enjoyed playing your game. Thank you!

Ahh, sorry then! I just seen you opening PICO-8’s internal menu and leaving it after saying that you can’t upgrade yet and thought that this confused you.

It all makes sense now. Best of luck with you future videos!

This is so awesome. Liked and subscribed!

I know you played it for a short time, but I’d just wanted to share with you that you can actually by upgrades for the snake. You just had to use arrows and press “Z” in the upgrades menu to enter a sub-menu.

Thanks for playing and for recording a cool video.

Hey! Sorry, I just didn’t want to post my email verbatim here. My email is also available on github: .

Can you send me a direct message on reddit (I have the same nickname there)?