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Once I get home after I finish traveling I'll be sure to record it and send it your way

I mention the Shuu route specifically because I haven't seen this pop up with either the Shiba or Toru routes.

But basically on Fridays if I click on the text message button specifically and then click to exit out of them, the screen will either go black or it'll pull up the background CG for the office. There are no options to click out of what I'm seeing so it essentially freezes the game until you close the program (the message before closing pops up and works like normal). So far from trying to replicate it I haven't encountered any issues anywhere except in the Commercial District. It occasionally happens when looking at the the Commercial District as a whole, but it's happens almost every time when you go into any of the buildings in the Commercial District, pull up, and then exit out of the text messages.

Let me know if this was clear. If you want to see what's happening I'd be happy to record and send a video of what's going on (I can post that on here or send that privately)

Just double checked and I do

I think I'm encountering a glitch with the Shuu route. Almost specifically on Fridays when Shuu is at the bookstore, if I click to check my text messages the screen will go black and stay black. I've only encountered it when trying to check for a new text but it's happened 3 or 4 times in a row and figured I should let you know. Thankfully I save frequently so it's not a big deal for me, butlLet me know if I can provide more detail

No problem. Thank you for clarifying though!

Is there a gallery where images unlock after they're seen in game? Don't see one but not sure if I'm overlooking it. If there isn't, are there any plans to introduce one?