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Thank you for telling me your little secrets, I guess we are friends now ^_^ 

Now for the fun bits, well... I can´t tell you here bc it would be spoilers and I love this game, it was brief but really enjoyable, I will definetly play it again every month or two, but if you want to listen to what I totally love about this game and/or want one more playtester in other projects, if/when you have time AND feel confortable with, my discord is IndigoRatel#3565 . I wish you the best, and thanks again for your work on this game.

And beaten the 24/may/20 version, I found a place that may be an easter egg? DK. But it was amazing, the mechanics of the game seem so natural and intuitive, thanks for this game and I'll keep playing it at every release (and when I'm able to, I'll support the game too)

I've beaten an old version of the game, gonna try again now and beat the game again. I've had a lot of fun playing (and after I've backtracked everything to the entrance of te last "room" trying to go back, amazing experience playing this game

I've fought this boss 10~15 times in my first play, but with 4 energy bars collected, no glitch, I'll play it again and check if it's a "5 energy stones" glitch, and I was tp before the entrance, but I was below ground collision box and it counted as defeating the boss, I've received the congrats(with my little knowledge of coding) perhaps the bug is that if one overlaps the other theres a bug, but I'll test again in the same conditions (before talking to the first villager illusion (I've never made until the second illusion because I had to shut down the pc at the only moment I reached 2nd illusion chat) 

I've tried to beat the boss without the stone, and since I've started again and received the "3 stones in one" I fought him once, and I was forced to reset because with the stone I entered spirit form and when the boss hitbox colided with me I was teleported to the forest to the right of the village inside dirt, I was able to move but not to change rooms, I'll probably play it 50 times before  cheat engine it, so If this bug is always on or if I find any other bug I'll let you know. I also love the fact that you put like 2 firestones and 4 fireplaces (or somethong like that) so I need to choose carefully which spawns I create, but the "keep inventory after death" is perfect, I feel the urge to explore more and more because exploration and risks are rewarded, but I wouldn't mind if in future versions this feature is removed, I feel like there is no punishment besides walking and revisiting places and for now this seems to be one of few games that uses this "no punishment" in a positive way withouth the feeling of cheating, Im really impressed and now I'm even more motivated to create my own game (even if takes years to come to an enjoyable level, I'm still learning how to use Godot) 

I'm stuck at the "boss" far in the map, last "unlock" I can make in this version is to beat the boss, I can't win, it's too hard and I'm just stuck, I have nothing else to do but it's fun, I'm loving the challenge about having to learn the patterns of a ton of possibilities, I'm really thankful for this game (I'm playing in a linux distro in a live usb and have no other way of playing), I will recommend it to anyone, even the unfinished version, the mechanics, the movements and even the hitboxes, it's too well aligned to a game made in such short amount of time and, I'll cheat engine it until new versions are released, but I'm really happy for I have the oportunity to play this game. I really wish I could support the developer but for now I cant, but when possible I'll donate, even if not for this game, if I can have other games with same quality I'll be really happy