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Seeing as the full version has yet to be released, I'm confident that you can rewrite his dialogue so that the only prominent African character is not also the only one that speaks like a very bad online translator. Seriously. People calling him Q is fine. Having him be quiet because he's not confident in his mastery of the language is fine. Having some grammar errors is also fine. WHAT YOU WROTE IS FRANKLY RACIST.

If you don't want to do the work, I will HAPPILY rewrite it for you. And for free! Just please God either cut the racism or let me do it.

I can't tip you because I don't have money BUT I WANT TO BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP SMILING AT THIS SERIES

I'm in the midst of Chapter Five and I just started giggling with glee this is a DELIGHT

Currently on chapter FOUR, wow. This is a spectacular demo and I'm so glad to be getting the short version of the chapters so, when I buy this, I can properly appreciate the finished product!

...Serious kudos for the length of this demo, though, I'm on episode three and just. Wow.

Okay. So I like this, particularly the characters that are developing. If the author is interested in constructive criticism, I would suggest that she ditch the 'oversleeping' cliche, or at least establish her oversleeping as out of character.

I really do like the art style and the different characters, especially Zacharie and Liam.