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Ob, I used a combination of the concert tileset and the cyberpunk tileset (and the modern interior for the bar area, but you could get away with stuff in the cyberpunk if you're creative enough about it)  to make a big club in my game and it turned out well. One, both,  or either of those could easily be made into a strip club if you made some minor modifications and some poles, hehe. I was thinking that my club sorta looked like one anyway.

If you like those and get them, lmk and I'd be willing to make you some poles and put them in a dropbox for you, haha. I do some pixel art, but use KR's stuff for 90% of it because it's awesome and I don't have time to do all of my own.

So much awesome!! I just want to say thank you so much for putting out all of these assets... sooooo much and all so good! I own most of these packs because they're so beautiful and my game's coming along a lot better because of it! I'll be grabbing this one soon. :)