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Love it! Great short game inspired in the Laughing Jack Creepypasta! Greetings from Argentina!

Shrek Hotal is BACK... And I love it!!! Greetings from Argentina!

An undoubtedly terrifying and psychologically overwhelming experience! Congratulations and greetings from Argentina!

Great horror game! Creepy AF!!! Greetings from Argentina!

Feliz Navidad! FELIZ NAVIDAD??? Greetings from Argentina and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

El salto del PAPU!!!

Great experience! Greetings from Argentina!!!

Great work, love it! Greetings from Argentina!

Great work! Greetings from Argentina!

Awesome game with a great (and sad) message, greetings from Argentina!
Awesome game with a great (and sad) message. Greetings from Argentina!

Love it! Greetings from Argentina!!! <3

Love it! Great geme! Greetings from Argentina!!!

I love this game! I wasn't expecting the second ending and I must say that it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Amazing game! Congrats and greetings from Argentina!


Great job, love it! Gretings from Argentina!!!

Nuevo video! Una vez mas KyraEragon desde Perú no nos defrauda y nos entrega este increíble juego de terror! Vení a comprender el concepto de Quiralidad junto a mí y pegarte unos buenos sustos!

Que haces locura! Hoy volví y ahi pude encontrar tu juego por la notificación de gmail! Ya lo estoy descargando para hacer videazo y te paso el feedback apenas termine!

New video! I am a Camera Man and I am attacked by hordes of Skibidi Toilets!!!

Great game! Love it!

I love this game! And MELISSA loves all of us...

I swear that no matter how much need I have, I will never work in a clothing store after playing this game...

As a lover of everything that has to do with horror and UFO fiction, I want to tell you that I love this game, it is very well made and scripted! Greetings from Argentina!

100% free of cockroaches, I recommend it and I plan to return!

I loved the game! The anomalies are very disturbing and the environment is very well generated! Greetings from Argentina!

Hello! I just discovered this game and I'm fascinated, I'm definitely going to buy the full version because I wanted to know more! Greetings from Argentina!

You will be able to escape many things in your life, but do you REALLY think you can escape the mighty RICARDO MILOS??? Come and discover it in this new video on my Channel!!!

With this game, 2 things can happen: Either McDonalds gives me a Double Quarter Pound or they sue me...

Testing an appliance can end worse than one imagines? Short answer: YES!

I deeply love this game! The levels of panic that can be reached by being so focused on detecting and suddenly having an anomaly appear all over your face in absolute silence the moment you switch cameras is impressive!

There I tried it one more time just to replay it since it hooked me and I leave you another bug report, in the dark part of the monster if you go into the vents to hide it doesn't always happen but sometimes you get locked up and you can't get out, regards !

Finally I was able to play it and I must say that the game is excellent, it just needs to be polished off a few small bugs so that it is a magnificent experience for anyone who wants to try it for the first time and I would like to help you by being specific with those details: When you win to the boss of the eye if you die in parkour the pickaxe is bugged and does not break the block (in fact, if you go back to a previous room it is saved with the bug and the only way to play is to delete the game and unzip it again to start again zero), I hope I have been helpful. Greetings and keep it up!

One of the weirdest games I've played in a long time!

Tremendo juego, amo todo lo relacionado a las leyendas del continente, excelente trabajo con la ambientacion la pasé muy, pero muy mal del miedo! Abrazo enorme desde Argentina!

Pasate a descubrir en éste videojuego creepypasta de Dave Microwaves si podemos (O NO) salir enteros mientras intentamos escapar de Dora la Exploradora, quien ha regresado del mas allá para llevarse nuestras piernas!

I loved it, simple, short and terrifying! I look forward to the second part!

Tremendo juegazo locura! Como me tilteé varias veces jajajaja!!!

Olá irmão! Eu realmente amei o seu jogo e quero parabenizá-lo porque é uma experiência muito envolvente e assustadora. Abraço da Argentina!

Freddy knows where you live!!!