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Great to get more perspectives and developments with these characters :). Not much makes me laugh aloud, but a mention of king dedede and Glados being hot in their respective circumstances got me snorting. The first game and its sequel are so expertly refined and up to bat with humor (I'm sorry). The story flows just as smooth as the first time around, with properly placed flashbacks and callbacks to the past (and future). Butterfly 1&2 are such comforts in a weathering storm. These games are sweet and savory, like if soup tasted good with cream puffs. (That makes no sense??) The controversial topics of conversation and identity bring home some of the core themes of being comfortable in one's skin and kind to yourself, as the world changes, yet stays the same. I'm still holding out to wear Min's jacket one day so I can be half as cool n' confident. I'll be sure to follow any future projects if any arise, Soup related or not. 

GOOD LUCK!! I'M EXCITED!! LITERALLY ONE OF THE BEST SHORT VNs I'VE PLAYED AND I'VE PLAYED A LOT. (Will any new/old merch release? I would throw my money for Min's jacket).

Step One:

Trip over a rock and die.

Step Two:

Be yourself.

Cute! There were some typos here and there, but not enough to lose track of what was happening. The character designs are lovely!

Beyond cute and a tad steamy. Love the character designs and backgrounds. Nomnom's short visual novels are such a treat! <3 

I started with "her tears were my light", came here, and now ready to find another little gem.

I would love to see more with these characters; I think there's a lot of potential in each one!

I already played this game on a mobile device, but wanted to support it here as well! The soundtrack on Bandcamp is "stellar" as well.

Short, but (bitter?)sweet visual novel I found myself invested in for the few hours it lasted! The character designs are cute, the music and atmosphere matched well with the changes of tone, and the story itself is well-put together and rewarding! 

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LOVE this. Characters; fun, fresh, with unique, fashionable designs, personalities more than entertaining. The atmosphere and music?  Neat symbolism? Check. The memes? Amazing. More than solid. 

Overall, this game never overstayed a welcome (I wish there was more! But alas...) and was everything my lesbian heart wanted and beyond. I found the "texting" parts of the game to genuinely be accurate to my friends and I. And I also laughed at loud more than a few times; something media often doesn't often achieve! The art files made me appreciate the game more after finishing it with a smile on my face (or something like it). Looking forward to the possibility of any new game; regardless if it's connected to the cycle that is Butterfly Soup. 

I am an avid visual novel player and have to say, this one knocked it out of the park!