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@TimRuswick; congrats on nearing the release for Philophobia! We've been long time viewers and subscribers and this is on our to-play list! 

Any chance of making this an asset store package as well like your Wave System?

Fair enough, do other unity web players work on your system?

Thank you for the feedback! We will look into it!

Thank you GingerLoaf for the great feedback; did you play in a web browser or in our Windows build?  I have noticed some issues with lighting in the browser, but the build quality settings for Windows should have a better result.

@Fengol, yes there is a way to replenish health if the level has a fire  pot like on the main menu. It requires you to:

  • be currently holding a torch with fire remaining
  • have not ran into it previously

Doing these things will grant you +1 health per level.