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Genuinely enjoyed this! Short, sharp and shiny!

Couple of little things like the ambient sound wasn't set to loop so that broke the immersion a little bit, But all in all it had good player loop and events unfolding at the right pace. Look forward to seeing more from you!

awesome! Keen to play it 😊 

Really liked this for a short experimental horror.

The PS style aesthetics is something I particularly enjoy in indie horror games, the use of space and "nothingness" was really well done and gave some rare horror vibes that isn't used too much.

I'd love to see something like this go further with more story and interaction.

Keen to see more from you in the future!

looking forward to it!

Definitely a hard one as described. Took me some time to figure out what I was looking for, even on easy. Loved the scenery and gameplay, Just wished there were more interactions even just for lore or humor, like a toilet flushing ;)

Thought you did a good job on this! 

thankyou for making it! Keen to see more!

Really awesome for a game jam. I love the PSX style and the HPS1 jams are very impressive. This game lends to multiple fears and played out beautifully. Audio and environment were really well done for the style and I really like the concept of found footage when done well. Good work! Hope you do well in the jam!

awesome. I'll be sure to keep an eye out!

Really good work here! Concept was well done, interactions were fluid although a few were a tad buggy (see video), enemy was legitimately scary too! Would love to see more like this or even revisit after the jam and expand upon the game and story. 

Good job!

Awesome reboot! I used to read a lot of creepy pasta, but never this one, so I think i'll be revisiting to get the full story behind Ben Drowned! Thankyou for a solid game! Brought back a lot of nostalgia from my N64 days!

It's a refreshing  take on the genre that's for sure! And a really awesome story premise to work from! 

I really loved how different this was to other horror styled games. Firstly, I am a big fan of the PSX style so that was a big plus and the story/premise of writing a symphony as the main mechanic was a pleasant surprise! Really enjoyed this one! Would love to see more from you with this sort of creativity!

Good work!!


Started following you after playing Light Switch, was not disappointed! Another solid submission, I love the multiple endings, gives more replayability and gives the player something to work to. Atmosphere and level design was great, I do enjoy low poly and PSX styled horror games and the enemy was genuinely scary to be pursued by.  

Great work TudyPie! Look forward to seeing more from you!

This is exactly the way I imagined old PSX resident evils to play like if they were done as first person. Really awesome gameplay, loved the aesthetics and would love to see this become a full length project! Good work!!

Words cannot describe the feels this game produced. Loved every inch of this, the atmosphere, the style, the design, the story and especially the voice overs! Going to be following to see what else you come out with because this was really fantastic!

Really awesome short horror game. Good atmosphere and mechanics, fitting story and some genuine jumps. Some odd humour with the random foods, but I thought that was pretty funny and the multiple endings gave some good replayability. Good work!

Really cool game! Some good creepy atmosphere and the tasks were well planned and very organic to the story. I thought the AI was almost impossible to beat in the streets part, but i'm thinking that is just bad RNG as I got it after a few tries. Good work my dude!

1070, 32gb ram and an AMD ryzen 5 3600. It could have more to do with the fact I was recording in the background. Generally I try to minimise other background applications for smoother frames, but also want to upgrade my gpu and CPU as soon as I can.

Really good job on this one! AI was a bit random and erratic and the destructable boxes tend to get in the way of the items it spawns, but I really enjoyed this otherwise. Also, was there a torch?? Lots of batteries but couldn't find any torch? 

I look forward to seeing it! 😊😊

This was really well put together! Loved the enemy choice, definitely could use some more animations and behaviours if you plan to keep working on this. Would love to see more levels and story to it, pretty sure the enemy is a worker that snapped right? 

Good work! Keen to see more!

Wow, this game brings back memories of my time working in warehouses. The forklift, the boxes, the pallets, the blood... Wait... The blood?? 

Awesome work on this one Matthew! Really enjoyed Purgatory Prison so was keen to try this one. Do not regret at all!! Really liked this and can see your development skills are coming along nicely! Very keen to see what else you come out with!

Thankyou! Hope you enjoy my content!!

For such a short game this was done very well. I love the simplistic "gritty" feel of the models and the warden was pretty scary to be chased down by! Good work dude! Keen to see more from you!

I LOVE PSX style horror games and this one was executed beautifully! Atmosphere, audio, models and the mechanics were spot on! Other than making this longer I have nothing to complain about. The story wasn't overly fleshed out, but enough that you can fill in some gaps yourself and make some assumptions. Would really love to see a follow up to this! Good work devs!

So keen to see what you come up with!

You did really well! The shadowy figures in the peripherals were great! And yes the atmosphere was very well done, the low-fi music playing over the loud speaker was spot on. haha, although I will admit when I was working nights alone I'd usually hook up my i-pod with the AUX and blast heavy metal. Haha

Really awesome! The controls were definitely weird! But I strangely enjoyed them, not too difficult to be a nuisance and not too easy that I didn't have to "get used" to them. Some pretty genuine spooks here too, seemingly random and as someone who has worked in supermarkets most of their life (night shifts on my own as a manager too) this is a pretty real fear. Fantastic work my dude! Hope this does well in the jam!!

What a fantastic game! Got through the first "Thread" in this playthrough and will be carrying on with multiple follow ups to unravel the other threads. Really love the art style and the setup, humor is at it's best here too! Can't wait to continue and complete this one!! Good Work Dev!!

Damn this was a fantastic short horror game. Big fan of the PSX art style and the story was genuinely interesting. Really would love to see this expand further with more story etc. Only thing I could recommend is to have a secondary mechanic where you need to kind of interrogate the driver to match the name to the license plate, you know, in case it's a stolen vehicle. haha. This was an awesome experience and can't wait to see more to it!

The zipped file format is .7z which is likely why some people are having download issues. I didn't have any problems as I have 7zip installed for reasons previously. It also functions well as a zip program and can zip and unzip .rar or .zip.

awesome! Really hope this game does well. Looks like it had a LOT of potential!