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ok i clicked on this expecting to be told how to get free pizza and all I taken to is this game. Where is my free pizza

it is not a lot of fun while being hard and makes the effort not seem worth it. the setup of it almost seems to punish you for not knowing what comes next. So if you don't know that there going to be something ahead that is going to kill you you have to die once learn about it then try to avoid it in the next play threw that is a very awful way to set up your game and makes it pretty unplayable.

dude, you are painfully bad at making games this is my 3rd one of yours and it sucks every bit as much as the other two you should find something else to do with your life than making games because you suck at this.

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This game fails because there is no checkpoint after you get down into the basement. so I have to basically restart almost the entire game again and again why not more checkpoints. which made it after a while not fun and I no longer wanted to play because I knew the further I got if i messed up I have to go all the to the beginning,

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very bland and forgettable. So bland and forgettable I downloaded this today and did not realize till I was almost at the end that I played through it already. that how unmemorable it is that I didn't even remember it till I was almost through it a second time.

it feels more like I haft to let it linger

OMG!!! Dude if Disney movies scare you don't watch frozen that is the scariest shit I have ever seen. I still have nightmares about the movie and all my friends keep telling I just need to let it go, but I can't. So I guess here I will stand and here I'll stay that is ok PTSD never bothered me anyway.

WTF!!! this is not scary. Hey let me ask you do also get scared from Disney movies as well?

WOW!!! WOWOWOW!!!! That was fucking beautiful.  I actually got teared up toward the end. I was not expecting something this powerful and deep from one of these short horror games on itch. This was really well done. All I can say is thank you.

I hear one of their famous sayings at their meeting is tomorrow is the rest of your life.

not a pc issue on this one because even when I load up games that are beyond the ability of my pc they will still load and run like shit but they will let me into to the game. The computer I am currently playing on is about the level of an xbox360. Also I played some pretty graphic instensive games on this computer games like remember me and tomb raider 2013 worked on here. So it is not a question of a shit pc in this case it is a question of shit made game

The game froze my pc twice making me have to reset. What a trash piece of software. People don't download buggy as puck.

the game would have been ok except for the fact that all through my playthrough of the game the cursor would just disappear and I have to look up and down a couple of times to make it reappear. So this caused a lot of break-in concentration and a lot more mistakes because I was not sure when the program. this needs to be fixed to make this program effective.

but it should be done more because you probably could teach a child more in play sessions with games than you could in a week worth of classes. Just imagine how a resource management game can teach you what the struggles are like in third world countries or take a well-written but more historically accurate game like assassins creed and how it would change the way kids are learning and how fast they are learning. I not talking about dumb edutainment but actual good games that be entertaining as well. That it would feel like a game and teach as well. The trick is to learn how to successfully making it both fun and entertaining as well as educational.  Imagine if you could put someone into the place you're trying to teach about through like VR or AR. Just imagine how much that could change if you could turn the classroom into colonial us or you could meet Benjamin Franklin in VR. Just imagine how much more if done correctly entertaining this would be than boring lectures.

Well I hope you continue with it because I would say out of all the games you made so far this probably could be turned into a title that you could be sold on steam if you added enough content to it

first of all the music is amazing and the game itself is really fun I wish there was more to play. Sadly I play through all that there is of it I hope you will consider making a longer version of it. But thank you for putting this out there.

undertake was one of my favorite playthroughs of a game ever. though I did end up fighting a lot in the playthrough I did of the game. But after a while I felt guilty about it I never fully finished the game made it up to the final boss and at the time I just was out of time to play through anymore. 

but I would believe at some point in the future we would have some form of AI that would create games for us just like even though it is sort of bad right now you have placed on the internet where the computer will write a story for you and there are other programs where you can get your computer to write music for you.  As we perfect AI we could be looking someday at a  world where you want to hear the music you like the computer will just compose it for you on the fly or you want to play a good game the computer will make it for you or need a history paper written for class the computer will write it for you.

But also when it comes to games one of the next evolution of gaming I would like to see is how we can use games in an entertaining and exciting way to teach. I mean if history class was as fun and entertaining as my play-throughs of assassins creed games I would have love to know more about history, In fact, assassins creed did get me to read and research some about the time periods that the games took place in. 

I also believe that you can use video games to share experiences like a well written and made game showing you what life might be like as a black man in America right now and give a bit of an idea of what he must be going through and get to experience from a game what racism he might face on a regular.

But just imagine whit the level of tech we have now and where will be in the future how games can probably get across more in several hour play sessions than a week of lectures on the same topic could. Because games have ways of putting you into a period or situation that is more real and more immersive when done correctly than talks or stories of others' experience ever could.

Nothing I loved flash games but they where free this ugly game is not

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this seems kind of dumb that you want to write an article advocating for people to help support the free game devs but you want to charge for the article. it would seem like the best thing to do would be give away the article so the max amount of people would read it and help convince more people to give to the devs of free games. but you drastically limit your audience by wanting to charge for this and the message and the result your advocating for looses something. it is definitely something you should give for free to really be helpful to the free games creator community 

i wanted to go to a procrastinators anonymous meeting but  when ever I call to find out when the next one was it was  always tomorrow.

Another YouTuber I watch who is my favorite gamer on youtube is markplier. He also made like 3 videos on his playthrough of this game. Also, are you thinking of going into game making as a possible career choice or a hobby, or do you just like watching other people do it?  I am surprised I have never heard of h20 delirious because the dude has over 13 million subs. that is crazy but it is also not surprising considering how much content and how many different creators are currently out on youtube. Like I find all the time new channels with several million subs that I never heard of.  Because there is just so much out there. 

When it comes to making games I have always had ideas for a good story for a game but never really was big on the idea of making the game world or the game levels. I always wished that someday we could have an AI developer tool that you give it a description of the kind of game you're looking to and it would go off and create it for you. I mean that may not be here yet bet I am sure we are not far off from getting something like that in the future and probably at first it would start off with more simplistic games like maybe flash game type games before figuring out how to use it to make the more graphic intense new age games. 

but man could you imagine if we lived in a world where your computer could costume make games that were not only good but exactly the kind of game you like with just a bit of information on what your currently looking to play. but of course, if tech like this if ever does come out they would still have to figure out how to microtransaction the heck out of it.  because you know the devs cannot go without milking you for every penny. 

Also if we are talking about PCs being able to make triple-A type games similar to like PS5 games then we are also talking about a pc that is probably way more powerful than what the most expensive pc you can buy now can do. Because it would take a lot of power to do that kind of processing to make that level of games. Something that currently does not exist on the current market for consumers. If a computer powerful enough to do that all did exist it probably would only be available to companies and cost well over 20 grand.

What a really cool short concept idea for a game. I enjoyed it. nicely done.

what the f am I supposed to do I die.

wow!!! That was fantastic. Not sure I totally understood everything that was going on. But damn that was fun and scary only a master can take something like going down a slide and turning it into something scary

mom I knew was going to die because I watched some of the makiplier playthrough of the game I just have not played it again myself but tonight I probably will, You think of sitting down and writing a walkthrough of the game you could help a lot of people and you seem to be pretty solid in your knowledge of the game.

You require some real precise platforming with controls that don't really allow for it and just end up making the game too frustrating to play.

I trying to not read some of your replies yet and save them for when I there because I did not even know you got to meet the father in this game and also i have not even made it to the gun I played it once for about 20 or so minutes and stopped.

I am sure that is sage advice for this game but it still funny to read it in sentence.

so I am assuming there are several endings

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I am poor too but still can afford 7 bucks for a keyboard I also just checked online and found one for 3.99 us

don't like it.  requires you to almost be perfect in what you're doing if you're going to last long in the game. the game moves too fast and is too frustrating to be any real fun if you're picking it up for the first time. would be better if you added speed levels to the game and have easier levels for those of us learning. That was the genius of Tetris they had both levels for the person learning to play and the people who were really good and wanted more of a challenge this doesn't offer that and this doesn't really give you a whole lot of room to breathe and make sure you're doing it right when your first playing the game\.

please dont tell me your ending I have not played that far yet into the game and how do only think it is a choose your own ending when this is a game you made no?

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are those the condition required to beat the game? what is the game exactly looking for to tell you won?