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This is very well done and polished .  

Very intriguing . Its def cool. You should expand on it.

Got a chance to play this morning really good idea. Using gravity and rotating the room to determine the direction is cool. I only was able to get through 3 scenes, after that it felt impossible to touch that home area. 

I think you could expand on this making more complex room, like actual levels with traps and enemies. Increase the hang time because once the room rotates the gravity is instant which made it hard to get the ball to fall in to  the Home spot.

Great Job on this!

Okay , just sent a Dm. thanks!

Trying to keep my project as clean as possible without fossil. Would love to see a MZ version of this. 

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Do you take commissions? 

This is good. Great Job.

This is very good! You should def continue with this project and expand. Add a little story and different brawlers.

Love it. This is amazing!