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Enjoyed the story , you planning on releasing a series/collection ?

Colombian mythology ? this was very unique and had a lot of insight , i think im going to read more into it , do you plan on expanding on it or making more colombian mythology based games ?

This was refreshing , whats the name of the board game ?

Been meaning to get into polynesian mythology , this was a great intro 

surprisingly enjoyed this despite it not being my usual choice genre ...A1

An indie about indie .....a good concept 

Never been into visual novels, but this is good 

you're welcome , looking forward to the battle system  

Enjoy egyptian mythology , i enjoyed the game aswell 

Looking forward to the updates and new features , i'll be following the progress on this 

That's great , Pan #0024 on discord if you want to correspond , i'll be waiting for the questions 

16 bit art, great game mechanics 

16 bit art, great game mechanics 

This is awesome

ASCII art , love it , the story as well

Reminiscent of pokemon, if pokemon was invaded by beavis n butthead , it was pretty refreshing and hilarious ahaha 

Really enjoyed the atmosphere , great 3d assests as well , do you plan on expanding on the game ?

I enjoyed the premise of the game , do you plan on expanding on it ?

First off , thank you  for playing the game. Great video by the way ,  couldn't help but  notice you didn't explore the map  or end up experiencing any combat though .

Hey , my schedule for this month is unfortunately full, when do you plan on doing the stream ?  If possible i'd be willing to do a written interview though. Thanks for reaching out .

Some time mid month i lost my artist (he suddenly stopped responding  or sending any art even though he posts on socially media regularly), unfortunately i've been dealing with personal issues and programming , so i never got to making anymore art assets myself. I'd still like to upload the demo of the game i'm making , so i'd like to ask if its possible for me to upload a game with minimal art assets ...circles n other shapes instead of the enemies id wanted to include?