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Nice game! I tried it at the Movistar flagship just yesterday, and I wanted more!!

It's a little tricky, people can download it on Linux but there's no instructions so I'll leave the way I used to run the file on the shell.

1) Download the files (haha, maybe obvious but YOU NEVER KNOW)

2) Extract your files in some folder. Remember the place where you extracted them. You can do this mannually or with the "unzip" command before step 4.

3) Open your console. Write "cmd" on the search bar on the Menu.

4) Now go to the place you have in mind. Where the file is. You can do this using "ls" to see where you are and "cd /writeheretheplace"  to move between directorys.

5) Then type chmod +x to make the file an executable

6) And finally type sh ./ to execute it

And that's it!! :D everytime you want to run the game just go 3, 4 and then 7