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Ice Busters is multiplayer and gmless, Perfect Summer Body is solo/gmless, Hay Babe is 1 or 2 player and gmless, she travelled you stayed/ you travelled she stayed is 2 player gmless.

Oh yeah. I thought of the Old Dope Peddlar but I got it mixed up with My Home Town. Oedipus Rex, nice. That’s a brilliant song.

Ohhhhhh noooooo.

Okay, I see The Hunter’s Song, The Masochistic Tango, Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, The Elements Dong, and either Poisoning Pigeons in the Park or Rickety Tickety Tin.

Not sure about the rainbow lollipop or the eyeball. My Home Town maybe?

Hello and welcome to the #LehrerJam!

My name’s Marx. I’m a game designer and editor, host of Yes Indie’d Pod, and organiser of the in*die zine. I also do community promotion, including running silly jams like this!

As somebody who likes wordplay, satire, parody, and mathematics, there’s no way I couldn’t like Tom Lehrer. So when I heard he was releasing his songs to public use for free, well, seven months later I couldn’t help but do a jam.

So, will we all burn together when we burn? Or will we be prepared? One thing’s for sure - we’ll have to write careful, L-Y.

Did you print it?! Can you share a picture?!

Thank you! It’s so nice to receive feedback like this.