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Positive impact is the first theme but if you can pour some neon on top, extra points!

We're not aware of any reason you can't. As stated in the guidelines "Keep it clean, please. (No NSFW content, gore, offensive, or hateful content)" so you should be fine. 

We've decided to move the dates of the jam because we didn't have quite enough sign ups. We will now be running the jam in February.

Totally fine to use any art assets. All we ask is that an usage is legal regarding any license on the art (which should be fine for most of the asset store) and that if you're using a specific artists work you consider crediting them. It doesn't have to be specific to the jam, we just don't want people to use stole art. 

Fun. I like how everyone gets 1 bullet ricochet so players can try to shoot around corners. I liked the music and the abstract neon aesthetic. Your page banner doesn't suit the game though. I'm guessing its a placeholder?

Fun and controls well, mostly. 

I got stuck at the top of the screen for a while and couldn't move. Then somehow I moved past the top of the screen and disappeared. All the enemies started chasing past the top of the screen too!