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Do we know the main character's name?

That was the one thing I'm interested about. I want to if we can make a female character, and if that's possible?

Can we do a lesbian playthrough?

I wonder if Bree MC will join Sasha's band. I'm guessing maybe on keyboard.

But what about other characters in the future?

Why can't we still date other girls as Bree?

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I still don't like the forced sex scene with Saffron as male when I'm trying to do a completely gay playthrough.

Why can't we have a lesbian Steven Universe game?

I don't like it. To me, it ruins the immersion of having a gay character. Like, after the surprise and Saffron explaining her case.

I wish you could have an option to play as female. Who doesn't like that?

Why isn't there an option to play as female? I mean, you could in the original Stardew Valley, so why not in this? Plus, female characters can also be romanced that way.

I wish you could avoid sexual situations like when Saffron bursts into your room.

Can you play this game completely gay or lesbian?

Will there be full voice acting?

I hope more work gets done for Bree MC including more girls for her to date.

I'm a bit miffed there's no lesbian content

Couldn't you have the choice to play as female? I mean, you could in the original Stardew Valley and the female characters are romancable.

I'm curious, do the firefighters themselves have names?

Will there be more lesbian content for Bree MC? I'd imagine her paired with Samantha, or Ayesha. I also imagine her being part of Sasha's band, maybe keyboard?

You know, a part of me wished this had actual full voice acting.

I hope there's lesbian content in the game like with Tracer, Mercy, Mei, or even Brigitte.

I hoped to see more characters like Pansy Parkinson, Padma and Parvati Patil, and Neville Longbottom.

For a game that's fully voiced, not all characters "fully" speak out the dialogue.

I'm glad there's a sandbox game set in the Harry Potter universe, but one wish to see are more characters added in the future like Pansy Parkinson, Padma and Parvati Patil, and Neville Longbottom among other, on top of that, I think every character should have homosexual romances and friendship paths.

Will player Bree's content ever get expanded on? Because I always love a good lesbian dating sim.

Are you guys still working on the voice acting for the rest of the game? Because I only heard it in the first 2 minutes.

I saw that you can play as female. Is there a large amount of content for playing as female including lesbian romances?

Hello. Don't mean to pry but, are you still supporting this game?

I've heard the voice acting samples on the Characters page and I think the actors did a decent job with what they were given, and I've watched the VA video previews on your Patreon page and it was alright, though I think it would be nice if the characters actually spoke the dialogue. But all in all, it makes me really anticipated for what the final build brings. Good work.

Voice acting is still not implemented?

Will there be another version that allows you to choose gender? Just saying.

Is this going to have voice acting in the near future?