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Nice game. The mechanics could be used for a good game. Try making the hitbox not so large and maybe add some more creative level design.

Very interesting. Nice game play and decently spoopy. GG

Yeah, it happens to me too, but it only says something like, "ThIs cOulD haRm yOur coMpUtEr" even though I know it won't. I just ignore it and tell it to download anyways.

We don't need a simulator to know what it's like

Bro, lmao

Very nice game. With this, my kids are so much more behaved. Somehow, they have learned to respect me as a person and follow my rules. They try their hardest not to make me angry and they always clean up after themselves. They've gotten into jump rope and are now top students in their schools. Thank you so much for this amazing educational game.

       -A Happy Mother