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I'm excited to see what Pact of the Ancients can become! I hope all goes well!

I hope all goes well and I'm excited to see the remade gameplay!

This was great until I read sheath and barbs. I really liked the influence system and the lore but I can't with that.

So, I like how horny the game is, that I can pick all male monsters and the cosmetics.
I'm not a fan of the monstrous genitalia, the cards with horny women on them (even though I chose gay at the start), and the writing.
It would be nice to see a penis option for monsters, horny men on the cards and more variety and detail in the dialogue.
This game has a lot of potential and I'm interested to see where you take it.

Also, what is up with the flying dicks? Why did you make that creative decision?

A fuckin' plus on those designs. You've really captured their essences visually while keeping them sexy. And I might just have to take some hits to see what they're each packin'...

I'm so excited to play when you launch!

Can't wait for the sexy fighting.

Lovely work in progress and I hope you continue with it

I quite like the game but I'm conflicted on the description. I like to get straight to the fucking but I also like detail in a sex scene.

I see where you're coming from, I understand it...I just still want no part in it.

I understand wanting the werewolf but what's the appeal of feral wolves? Genuinely curious.

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Yeah, what was?

Okay, thanks for the reply!

So, does it matter how many days in I am?

It has returned! The prophecy was right!

In all seriousness, I'm so glad that you feel good enough to continue work on this and as a few have said already, the wait is worth quality content. Also, I never told you but I find the scene with the depression and the button not working as well as it should really powerful and I related heavily.

Thanks for the update and I hope to see more from  you in the future.

Thanks for the reply and I'm glad that you welcome my feedback. Do what's easiest for you right now and if I manage to get a male/male version of the game out of it (later), then that would be a happy bonus. Thanks again!

I just finished the update and I like what you did with the censoring because nothing in that demon scene would have interested me, therefor, just blot out the scene all together.

I'm wondering if you could do something like put black bars over the various "bits" until a better solution presents itself. I know it's a cheap way to censor media but you could lean into it and make a few 4th wall jokes.

Something I noticed while the male demon was replaying some of the fantasy visions I had chosen was that I had picked a straight option. (specifically the brother sister fucking one with Fatima) I couldn't find the scene again when I went back and I know that there is a rough plot map I can scour but it's hard to find what you need and get back to the present when you have to click a lot. Am I doing it wrong? Is there a faster way forward through the plot?

I'm sorry if this is too long or complian-y.

I really hope so.

I'm glad I could help inspire that cersore idea. Thanks for the reply and I can't wait to see what you do with this game!

I love the game and it's really hot but I'm wondering if it's possible for a future update to have a gay only line instead of bi. Also, it would be nice if the female anatomy was censored. I don't want to sound like a prude, but it makes me uncomfortable and brings me out of the fantasy.

Hey, it's okay. I'm patient and understanding. I'm sorry how blunt I sounded, I meant it as a joke.

When you said short, you meant it.

I read in the game description that I could play as gay and tried to but the game had it's own idea of what it wanted to show me.

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Thank you so much!

Quick question: How do I find the new areas?

Yeah...patch maybe?

Okay, sounds good. 

I am loving the redesigns of the game in general, though, the game seems to be much shorter now.

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I completely understand and I think I'll focus on professor Sathanas.

Alrighty, please don't overdo it.

Oh, how often is your upload schedule/when do you update the game?

Will I have the option to be a slut and fuck around or will I have to choose 1 specific professor? I like Lucifer, Sathanas and Abaddon.

Hmm, okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

Ooh, yes please!

I'll try to be.

Wow, a nice self-aware ending to a good game. Thanks for the tip.

Ooh, will do.

Great visual novel! I'm hoping for some really explicit scenes to "cum" about soon...