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Yeah, what i thought luckily I've got a PC now heh

He used UE4


Love the game so far, but I was wondering if in a future update something like a net could catch items/fish from the water and be able to catch them and hold ~15 items per net perhaps starting at 5 and getting higher per upgrade, also I was wondering how you can make survivors to eat food from the cookhouse, Thanks! :D

Same thing

Genuine fun, I haven't enjoyed a game like this in a while.

Yeah, hope we can find out why we cant play it

sounds great, I cant wait for this game to grow

Modding for mac at some point?

No, I did it my computer is fine, holding esc does not remove them you need to open desktop goose a second time then press quit desktop goose to quit it.

An amazing simple game

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Hey this game is great! what are the plans for this game If you don't mind me asking? also I'm impressed you made this in one day,It has a nice art style and is a nice minimalistic game so far. Im learning to use unity, and the best thing I made was a roll a ball game :D 

Is it 32bit? finder says its outdated