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Inconnu au Bataillon

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I’m a love interest in my childhood friend’s reverse harem is a nice VN done with care and filled with love.

Albeit original, the premise remains simple in its execution – for all the best as it feels genuine.

We might be given the choice to act like a boor; however, at the end of the day, empathy and acceptance are what truly shine through the overall story. In that regard, I absolutely love Emily’s route. I never thought her route would have turned out this way, but it was so refreshing to see it addressed – all the more with that much care and positivity.

I truly enjoyed the mini-games and the breaking-the-fourth-wall-scenes. There were not too many of them and they made me crack a smile/laugh every single time (special mention to the quirky music during the mini-games).

What pleasantly surprised me most was the insertion of other languages. This was nothing major content- and lengthwise, but still particularly enjoyable as it gave more depth to the characters’ interactions and the setting. Also, Geum mixing up languages with his mom felt so close to home that I was literally whispering him the French words he did not have to help him out of his ordeal (whilst grinning from ear to ear XD). Guess I was really engrossed in such a genuine and lovely game ^^

Promising. The game truly is promising on all aspects.  I do thank you for this (little) journey into "Out Lost World Beneath The Skies". It was a real pleasure!