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fucked up, thank you.

That's fair. Have a nice day!

This is a great game so far, but I have unfortunately become stuck after yelling in the kitchen (the place with the broken chair, fridge, and table). I was told "Don't call the death". Rollback does not seem to work. 

Never mind this, I eventually typed L (which I use to look) and was brought back to the kitchen. thanks for making this game!

great game! I loved the speculative biology aspect and the different characters.

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Great game! You did a fantastic job combining acute fear and creeping dread. 

cool game! I'm pretty sure I failed at the square-rearranging part and was cast out, but what I played so far was fun and atmospheric. 

do you need help or support?

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Fantastic game! I am really enjoying it so far; however, at some point the elevator menu started showing up even after I had left the elevator, preventing me from doing much. I am now stuck talking to a resident. This is in the browser version, and I am using google chrome if that is relevant. Anyway, great game otherwise.

No, I did not - think I didn't read the clues fully enough.  Thanks for the great game!

Fun game so far - love my new brain parasite! - but I also find myself unable to open the safe at the end of the tunnel. I think I know what the correct answer is, but every permutation I try only gets my face eaten by worms. Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is a beautiful game. I was completely immersed in a way that I did not expect, and the message resonates with me as well. Thank you for making this.