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i enjoyed this game greatly - one of the first games in a while to scare me. the horrific effect was a little undermined by the fact that i named the owl who will kill me dr. stinky. thank you for making this game :]

the fact that they did not displays their dedication to live video streaming

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felt like i was watching jerma haha /j

excellent game! horrible (in a good way). scary - you know what has to happen but you don't want to do it, and the livestream format really made me feel responsible. i kept apologizing to the streamer in chat. also got the feeling they were coming to kill me.

really enjoyable game (in an "oh fuck oh shit" way), and pretty realistic to my experience of twitch - i liked somebody donating a stupid meme amount of money right after [redacted due to spoilers]. thank you for making it!

this game is funny, has a lot of heart, and I especially loved the pixel art. even the small sprites of the characters are unique (except the repeating arthropod joke) and full of personality. thank you for making this game!

Great game! I feel bad for the poor little clowns, especially since the game implies they used to be human children.

Fun game! I felt bad about killing the little meat thing - it was just trying to live, same as me. Overall a nice experience, thank you for making it!

Incredible game! thank you so much for making it!

Cute game! I feel like this is Pim and Jam from THe Orifice :)

Really enjoyable game! Thank you for making it.

ive tried a few different typing games as ive never been very good at it. now, not only does my typing feel more fluent, this is also the only typing game in which i have had the privilege of typing "buttsmells". thank you cooldog.

great game :D

Awesome dress up game! I made this person.

fucked up, thank you.

That's fair. Have a nice day!

This is a great game so far, but I have unfortunately become stuck after yelling in the kitchen (the place with the broken chair, fridge, and table). I was told "Don't call the death". Rollback does not seem to work. 

Never mind this, I eventually typed L (which I use to look) and was brought back to the kitchen. thanks for making this game!

great game! I loved the speculative biology aspect and the different characters.

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Great game! You did a fantastic job combining acute fear and creeping dread. 

cool game! I'm pretty sure I failed at the square-rearranging part and was cast out, but what I played so far was fun and atmospheric. 

do you need help or support?

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Fantastic game! I am really enjoying it so far; however, at some point the elevator menu started showing up even after I had left the elevator, preventing me from doing much. I am now stuck talking to a resident. This is in the browser version, and I am using google chrome if that is relevant. Anyway, great game otherwise.

No, I did not - think I didn't read the clues fully enough.  Thanks for the great game!

Fun game so far - love my new brain parasite! - but I also find myself unable to open the safe at the end of the tunnel. I think I know what the correct answer is, but every permutation I try only gets my face eaten by worms. Any assistance would be appreciated.

This is a beautiful game. I was completely immersed in a way that I did not expect, and the message resonates with me as well. Thank you for making this.