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The game is great, but I found a minor bug where if you just spam spacebar you can go high enough to not get hit by anything. Neat concept nonetheless


A few ideas: Differing endings depending on your streak. A little animation could play when you hit a win streak of maybe 3 or five when you win you'll turn into a vampire might be neat.

I've found that more often than I use the + abilities for finding the vampire, I use them to try and safely nab the square or < abilities.  Maybe they could affect an entire row in later stages.

Seeing as how you've added a new win streaks mechanic, the game could have a difficulty progression based on your streak, adding later vampires based on the streak.

I've said this before, but if you're considering a sequel a mobile port or steam release wouldn't go unnoticed.

You could add sprites for Ace, 10, 11, 12, Jack, King, Queen, and have a 4x4 mode, with vampire at highest value. Might make the final vampire more difficult and intense, tho you'd have to make the square a 3x3 for that or else it would be unbalanced.

I went far enough and found the secret ending, 10/10, loved the suspense and romance

Very neat indeed. None of the walls have collision so a fun little thing to do is just to enter the endless void

Went back to beat it again, and ended up finding a faster route

Small bug to fix: Using inverse twice just cancels them both out, maybe you could have just one be inverse and any afterward shuffles controls randomly?

This is so satisfying

Dear Krystman, I have played this game for about a week now, and I absolutely adore it. I keep coming back to beat it again. I truly believe that if you were to port it to mobile, or even make a "full" version and charge money for it, you would get a large audience.

Neat little thing I learned when speedrunning it, At the beginning when the boxes drop If you're under them, you'll be trapped in them until you unbury yourself with down key. Furthermore, if you do this close enough to the door while it's closed, you can softlock. THis is very rare though.

I barely won on the seventh day. Turns out all you need to do is buy two magic crystals and have them be the only things on display, and within a couple days they'll both be bought eventually.

Especially the almost squishy sounding jumps

Great game, tried for a while to get less than a minute run, until something just clicked for me.

found a neat little softlock you can do in the tunnel

I got a B my first run, great game. My only complaint is that by the time I got to the item exchange, it was so weak I never got around to using it, as by the time you unlock the upgrades for it the resources you have to get that item are all much more efficient. A buff, maybe?

Great gameplay, and I love the feel of the game.

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1:54, I've been as close as possible to tying, but always a few seconds short.


My personal best

ooh its too real

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As always brandon never ceases to make jaw dropping puzzle experiences. I've lost 20 times now, but it is so mind bogglingly difficult I just keep coming back.

This just so happens to be the best Indie game of 2020 and is representative of our society today as a whole.

 The classic yet frantic music in the background is a metaphor for how the world can be falling apart at the seems, and yet, the system refuses to change. The dialogue, "white's turn," and "Black's turn," is a clear reference to the social injustice, and the current racial tension America faces. A very bold statement.

The custom made sprites are clearly the work of a man who knows his blender from his modo. The horse is in such HD that I can see his screams for help as the white team demolishes his hopeless defenses.

(note to editor: I was fondling around at my desk because I was bored and got my thumb stuck in the pencil sharpener, so remember to add the M letters back in)

The gaeplay is absolutely the best part of the whole experience. With all 4 peices being siilar to that of intense class shooter gaes like Tea Fortress 2, Garden Warfare, and Rainbow Six Seige. It's coplex web of different possible oves isn't seen in today's gaes anyore, it definitely leaps fro the repetitive strategy gaeplay of odern classics. It's 2 possible endings both leave the player with a wonder of if this is fair or not, if the actions they just ade were oral, if they did what they had just done. It is a transcendent experience.

This gae ade y whole day.