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Amazing game !!

I absolutely loved it ! it's fast but not confusing !

I really enjoyed playing it !

check out my gameplay

well that was creepy !!! watch me scream like a crazy person !!


omg dude ! this game !

Great work btw !

check out my gameplay if you'd like ! and please make more games

I am out of the cleaning business after this ! :D

Great job !

It was hard keeping myself from screaming :S

this was a great experience !! Make more games please :P

here's my gameplay I hope you enjoy it :)

gave me a couple of good jumpscares !!

you should make a sequel with the same idea but with more depth !

good job though :)

here's my gameplay ! watch me get scared by almost everything

I hope she forgave me !

btw, I didn't really understand what clicking on the symbols in the right order had to do with the ending !

and who was the other person? I have a theory about it and i shared it in my video, but i want to know !

You should make a sequel though :D

I loved this game ! I made custom characters introductions as well as created names for them :P

dunno if you already created names for them or not though :'D

but tell me, what do I do with the letters once I collect them ?!

and I hope you enjoy my gameplay !

good job btw :)

I loved the ambiance of this game ! but i understood nothing tbh :D

you can watch my struggles here :P

I was never afraid of Mannequins until now !!! 

I did it !

I got killed by  him ofc :P

is there a way that I can escape ?!

I  tried to but he caught up to me anyways ! 

here's my gameplay !

I absolutely love this game !

I laughed so damn hard !

Great job !

btw: here's my gameplay ( I played it with other games but It totally deserved its own video tbh!)

I made a gameplay. But it's not your usual everyday gameplay !

Just follow the rules.

My Gameplay if anyone's interested !!

love this game :D

I have so MUCH mixed feelings XD

I love this but hate it in the same time ! it's also beautiful and horrifying ! Like what the hell :D

Great Job !

(this is my gameplay btw: :D)


well it was something else ! can't wait to see what will you come up with next !

Good luck :)

I always loooove your games !

this game gets you in the spirit of Christmas :D

Hope you like my gameplay ( I worked really hard on it !! )

this drove me crazy !

like what the hell !!!

Can you pleeeaaaassseee tell me what he wants ?

dunno If I came close to the answer or not !!

here's my gameplay btw !

I knew it !!!

im an idiot ! XD

thanks for the hint !!!

short and sweet ! and by sweet I mean SCARY XD

but could I have won at the end ? I feel like I missed something !

check out my gameplay and tell me what you think !

this game CREEPED ME OUT !

I'm still sad about my family though XD

here's my gameplay

I really really enjoyed this game !

it's just a good horror game !

here's my gameplay with a bonus montage of me being murdered at the end XD

I really enjoyed it !

especially the ending XD

I always love your crazy games !

here's my gameplay !

Great game ! I had so much fun playing it !

I made a video ! it's a bit different because I edited it heavily ! I added music and memes !

also I found DEVIL KEANU XD My fav !

hope you like the gameplay !

This game made me suffer !

enjoy my reaction and gameplay (with editing :P)

Btw: thanks for making the game !

Oh I love getting scared ! XD

you did a great job with the game ! 

I have so many questions !!

but I loved this game !!

yet I got to know, Were we using humans as some sort of energy ???

Anyways, here's my gameplay where I basically freak out in most of the video !


Great Job Guys !

I loved this game ! It made me paranoid even after it ended XD

I was looking for clues in the endscreen :D

Great Job Andrea !

btw: what's with the deer ? I didn't fully get its meaning !

this is my gameplay btw ( it took me a while to edit and it was a pleasure to tbh)

interesting game ! I love that things got escalated quickly ! I dunno felt real to me !

this is my gameplay btw:

will do !

sorry for the late replay. I wasn't here :D

Thanks for your suggestion :)

Great Game ! I still don't know what the hell happened though !

 I really enjoyed it !

Here's my full gameplay ( a kinda chill gameplay ! :D)

This was a unique game ! I really really enjoyed it ! Thanks to the Dev ! and btw, does Dia meaning Day in Portuguese has to do something with the game ? Like is it a clue or something ?! 


here's my full gameplay !

I can't wait ! and thank you for sharing your twitter ! 

Good Luck !

I really enjoyed making the video !

Thank you for making the game :)

I liked the game ! seriously it has so much meaning ! at first I was disappointed by the ending then I sat down and did an investigation and explained almost everything in the game ! ( I actually filmed the process and backed it up with evidence ! )

so the game was like two games to me !

Thanks for making the game !

and here's my video I hope you enjoy it !