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Hello there! It’s me once again, Zary!

A lot has happened since the last development post (can you believe it’s been almost a year? wow does time go fast!) & I’ve got a couple of things I wanna share regarding PebbleDash’s development!

1- Development Restart:

First of all, as you might’ve guessed from the lack of an update regarding a demo being released, we’ve unfortunately had to restart development due to a couple of issues that can in a nutshell be traced down to overscoping, we kinda ran wild with what we wanted to have in PD to the point most of the systems we coded at the start of the last development cycle were obsolete, and thus we’ve restarted development (again).

This time however, we’ve actually managed to keep quite a lot of what was made from the old versions, as most of the story mode code was independent from this mess, & the multiplayer lobby code was also well-made enough to not get dragged down by the feature creep shtuff.

And we’ve also remade the story mode’s storyline, I can’t discuss much about that without spoiling but let’s just say, it is very very interesting!

2- Rebranding & Pitching To Publisher:

As you might’ve seen by the image above, the PebbleDash development team has been rebranded to Light-Hearted Lanterns, as we’ve decided that we want to hopefully work together in the future for more projects, & it would be kind of weird to associate all of our future games with PebbleDash & only PebbleDash!

And yes, we are as you’ve read thinking about reaching out to publishers to publish PD. This will hopefully give us more time to focus on creating more & more awesome content!

3- What’s Next? :

Right now, our plan is to work on a PD demo & polish it enough to be pitching ready, which won’t be an easy task considering how much is left to be made, but I’m hopeful we can do so by the summer!

And with that, We’ll see you soon fellas!

Happy Dashing :D

one year later, I still can’t figure them out.

I didn’t work well enough 😔

good idea!

Hey! looks like the vod you linked is no longer available, is it possible you still have it? we would love to see it! :D

me when the fishing is funny

the game’s amazing (from music to controlling, honestly everything), but it feels too empty for it’s own good.

(1 edit)

Hello everyone, as you might’ve noticed, the game hasn’t been receiving updates for the past year or so, and while we would’ve loved to update the game more, we have been sadly busy with working on the game, so this begs the question, what happened?.

Well, first of all, the entire project was remade (again), we’ve switched away from Mirror in favor of Netcode for our networking code, and we’ve also been working on non other, than a STORY MODE! You’ve heard this right, PebbleDash now has a story mode!

We’ve also been working on a steam page for the game, alongside a Demo version which is expected to come out sometime this June! Yes you precious little Pebble, we’re working on a demo that’ll hopefully release this June!

So this begs the question, what’s next?

We do honestly wish we updated people regarding the game more often here on itch, but we were just so busy working on improving the game, & we honestly hope you’ll enjoy Alpha 1.0.0 when it comes out (or should I say, Demo 1.0.0!)

And lastly, if you want to be kept up to date regarding the game’s development (& ask us questions!) feel free to join our discord server!

See you soon everyone!

Andy-Made game moment!

Epik gaming action!

Have I?

Have I gelli’d?

Chao Jam 2023 community · Created a new topic chao jam!

Chao jam!


no pebbles :pensive:


So, after playing the game here’s my full, honest review :

Not bad of a concept, and I know it was made in 7 days, but the game has a few core issues, but let’s start with the good. The being boosted by the shots is an interesting concept, and is sometimes fun to play with. But it really is kinda bad (considering the game recommends you to play with arrow keys, it’s kinda impossible to play with arrow keys and a mouse if you are right handed), and some platforms are kinda hard to reach (because of the shooting mechanic), and everything kinda felt empty due to the lack of any background music.

But honestly, i am impressed that you did this in 7 days, not bad kid!

This game changed my life, today i played it with my 4 year old brother, and he was so happy and excited to play it, that he went on his way to buy me a nintendo switch! and we all played it and his face SPARKED joy.

12/10, Would 100000% recommend

Thanks for playing :D

I can totally see where you are coming from, and admittedly, we ran out of time (there’s a reason the game doesn’t have music, and it’s mainly cause we only had 10m to pick them, cause everything was just so tightly managed time wise).

But i hope the jumps didn’t ruin the fun.

Again, Thanks again for playing!

Glad you enjoyed the game :D

we will hopefully take that feedback in mind, thanks for playing the game!

Thanks for playing :D

while it is technically speaking impossible to hit them if they are inside of you, you can always just move a little and shoot them.

But i can see your point, hope you enjoyed the game!

We are glad you enjoyed the game! :D

As my friend said below, we will try to take all of this feedback into consideration!

Thanks and have a great day :D

ty! :D

Thanks :D

Thanks for playing!

the way you pick a side is that, you have to choose which side of the dice gun does what (so say slot 1 is a pistol, slot 2 is a rocket launcher, etc).

So you are technically speaking picking a side


i may check it out later, but as of right now, tbh, i am exhausted.

Maybe this weekend!


there is a reason as for no music, that being we ran out of time.

We will probably add them sometime later tbh, but thanks for pointing that out!


i will say, theme wise it isn’t the best idea out there, but it is still within the theme (as you have to pick a side of the dice for your guns)



that’s it, POG


And also, i think that’s the power of gamemaker studio 1.4

I get you, that level is kinda … hard, we did realize that and thought of adding “hints” to the game, but we ran out of time before we managed to do so.


i must admit, even i got stuck a little bit, although we did think of the concept of adding “hints” to the levels to help ease them up a little, Spoiler alert, we ran out of time before we could have done so.

but yeah, i think imma add them to the itch page

(1 edit)

i REALLY see a lot of protentional in the game, but god is it hard.

And i think the main reason that it is hard is because… you are guessing what’s right and wrong

You have no clue what to do or to select, which is i guess fine? somewhat conveying the feeling that “Speaking to people can be hard”

But i don’t think that’s really how things work… i mean ik this is a game but even for a game it’s a bit too far to be worth it.

And the fact that you reset from the start every time you screw up, and you only have 3 tries makes it even harder.

This is the best game of 2022 that i have played, HECK, it’s even THE best game i have played in 10 YEARS

this game is sure gonna win buddy

i see

i mean… look

the game is nice, fun and all, but i can’t see how is this related to the jam’s theme of “mental health”

So me and my friend phil have been working on a top down puzzle game ever since the 7th, i started really working on the art in general since the 10th, and between the 12 and today i have done quite a good amount of progress as the sole artist for the game!

About the game : the idea essentially is that you try to help your family get over their mental issues, by solving puzzles that require you to plan and think about every single move, as you have a limited amount of them!

So this as you can see is the “dark thoughts” design for our game, these will function as enemies essentially, you touch them, you loose moves.

this (at least for now) is our tileset, i actually quite like it, as it reflects the dark, mysterious and moody feeling.

This right here, is our player sprites as you will play as different characters in the game! i am quite happy with it for the most part, although like any of the past ones, if you want to give feedback, Do it!

And that’s about it! i felt like sharing some progress, and also seeing progress made by YOU guys!

that’s it for now, and i hope i will see you all on the 22nd!