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The Update has changed quite a bit in the game, and also made some more notes for a tad more story. Thanks for playing! 

super dope game, I really enjoyed it. keep it up guys

awesome man, and ill get on twitter right now lol

hey man, I appreciate your support and I love the video! I might put up another update tonight, just to spice things up and finish up what it is. its a small game, not meant to be too long, and you lose a lot of content without the notes (which you cant read, the bloom is Weird) But nothing I cant fix. Again, Thank you man!

fun game, kills time. I like it.

Nice game man! Super sweet!

I put up a new update that fixes the broken game.. I appreciate the video man! Its Awesome!

Hey man, I love the content, did you download the v1.1? I fixed a ton of things. The first version was broken. Theres a little key hidden.

It is not, looks pretty similar though lol

Did you continue walking forward? Lol thank you for the gameplay! 

I appreciate the gameplay video man! I'm sorry it scared you haha. There's going to be updates to come, just a bug fix.

I really Appreciate it, funny video, I cracked up on that first scare! Ill Put out a bug fix today, I noticed it looped earlier this morning lol. again though thank you!

Your wish is my command.. Haha

Thank you! I appreciate you.

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What's up man, i'm down to work together if you haven't gotten a partner yet. Cheers!

Contact me at :

Feel free to check my page for my past work.

Didn’t catch the Linux, I’ll fix it,  and thanks for bringing that up.. 

Also, the .exe is just a compression so if you can extract it, it should run. Sorry about that, and thank you for downloading!

I appreciate the feedback and love the video! And there are some bugs that I thought I fixed, such as the invisible walls outside of the carnival, I assume it didn’t save through. 

Also, there are tons of things coming next such as voice acting and what not, only issue is I don’t really have the means yet. Thank you for downloading!

Hey man, I really appreciate the input, there is a lot more to the story but I cut the demo just a tad short due to some setbacks. I’m really just learning from scratch because I have a ton of free time, so, I’m always looking for feedback, I appreciate you! Thank you for downloading!