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just some random name

A member registered Jul 05, 2019

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Add a way to clear items

Also if you destroy the purple torch it turns into normal torch

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My record is 33 mins :p

Also if you suround your fire with torches you just need to find sticks

Just install like you install the game for the first time

Note: make a back up folder just in case

and when i do this i see that the is a folder in AppData so the data might not lost

I have been playing this game since its first release and now it's still cool :D

I can't post my record picture of 120000 something :(

I have the same problem too

Here's my explosive bullet record :D

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Here's my 5HP record( lowest health possible! ) use sniper + explosive bullets + triple jump

btw my name in discord is i'msuck1234

Thanks :)

same for me

here's my record :D 

note : It's just my record k