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Here's fine. What seems to be the problem?

This is a weird request, but would it be possible to add the ability to select a large number of meshes and click "weld all" to apply that operation to all the selected meshes? Seems you can only do one at a time right now.

Sorry, I missed this again! 

The binary plugin is part of the vector painter; it's what lets you modify FGAs ingame. The source is included!

Hey there,

The TurfFGA plugin is a Blueprint library that contains functions to write .fga files among other things. It's included in the project files.

Saw the quad and flow uv! Super exciting!

I'd also love the ability to quickly harden/soften edge normals like in Maya if possible.

:D Exciting.

Thanks! Looks like you've got plans to address most of my issues :D

I'd have no issue with every mesh getting quadrangulated when you select it and tri'd again when you deselect, but I have no idea how hard that is :P

Another thing I'd love to be able to do that I don't think I can yet? Is handle insets/extrusions for multiple faces without them all extruding/insetting from the same point. I think in Maya this is the "keep faces together" toggle or something?

Video of what happens now:

(1 edit)

This is really rad (better than Epic's own upcoming geo tools at the moment) but I've got some requests/questions (maybe some of these requests are already in and I can't find 'em):

-Ability to bevel edges would be nice?

-When I'm in face mode, is there an easier way to switch objects? It seems like right now I have to switch out of face mode and into object mode to select a new object; and 0 being the hotkey for that makes it more difficult than it should be

-Is there a way to quadrangulate a mesh? UE4's upcoming geo tools have this, and it's really nice because as a level designer you generally don't want to work with tris.

-Add divisions/tessellate? I'd like to be able to select a plane and hit a button to divide it into smaller planes.

-Cut face? Haven't found this yet either.

-An auto-sew for texturing would be awesome, like in Hammer or Probuilder - basically some way to quickly and easily continue a texture around a surface. In Hammer it's select a face, alt-right-click another face and the texture wraps nicely onto the new one. Example vid:

Really great work <3